Already have a degree? Initial Teacher Licensure

Initial Teacher Licensure Graduate Program

(One-year intensive program)

For students already holding a bachelor's degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university and desiring to pursue teaching, this program develops their expertise in educational best practices, state content standards, and student teaching to meet Colorado licensure requirements. This Program is available for elementary, K12 physical education, and secondary licensure. Secondary licensure offered in English, Math, Science, Social Studies or Spanish. The ITL program may be delivered to students anywhere in the 14-county region served by Colorado Mesa University. Note: some students may have leveling courses to complete prior to their admission into the Intensive ITL program.

The intensive cohort begins each year in May and runs for 12 months. Students begin with hybrid face-to-face and on-line courses during the summer. Fall and spring semesters are spent onsite at an elementary and secondary schools in the region. During this academic year, students also participate in coursework, seminars and colloquia online and at the university. An integral part of this program is a full year of mentored classroom experience. After attaining licensure and their ITL Graduate Certificate, these ITL students may then pursue the four additional graduate courses needed (11 graduate credits) and a capstone activity (1 graduate credit) to complete their Master of Arts in Education degree. 

Affordable on-campus summer housing is available.

Application Process:

  1. Request a transcript evaluation to determine if leveling courses are required prior to applying to the ITL program.
  2. Submit all ITL application documents by the application deadline, extended to April 19, 2019.

ITL Program Sheets:

ITL - Graduate Certificate - Elementary (Licensure only)

ITL - Graduate Certificate - Secondary (Licensure only)

ITL - Graduate Certificate - Physical Education (Licensure only)

ITL - Master of Arts in Education - Elementary

ITL - Master of Arts in Education - Secondary

ITL - Master of Arts in Education - Physical Education

ITL Cohort Schedules

ITL 2019 Summer Calendar

ITL 2018 Summer Calendar

ITL Elementary Cohort Schedule 2018 - 2019 coming soon

ITL Secondaryy Cohort Schedule 2018: (English, Science, Social Studies, Math or Spanish) - 2019 coming soon

ITL K12 PE Cohort Schedule - coming soon

MAED Core Summer Classes 2018 - 2019 coming soon


  • Prepare post-baccalaureate teacher licensure candidates for the profession at large [locally] across our service region
  • Design and deliver a program of instruction that is consistent, yet adaptive, across time, location and instructors
  • Develop candidate planning, instructional and assessment competence and expertise from those of a teaching novice to those of an entry-level professional, in 12 months
  • Develop professional competence, expertise and a passion for innovation

Graduate Handbook (updated November 2017)

To explore the option of ITL post baccalaureate licensure, please contact
the Initial Teacher Licensure (ITL) Program Coordinator,
Dr. Cynthia Chovich.

Files are available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. If you are unable to view the files, please download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.