Teacher Ed Application Packet - Undergraduate

The completed CTE Application (Form A) with all attachments must be submitted to the Center for Teacher Education for admission into the program. Only complete applications will be reviewed for admission. Communication regarding requirements is conducted via CMU email. Notification of admission decisions will be by mail. Once admitted, students may enroll in upper level education courses.

Application Packet Materials Checklist:

  1. CTE Application (Form A) 
    • Complete all sections of Application Form A.
    • Due October 15th for spring admittance
    • Due March 15th for fall admittance

  2. Written Expression – One to two page essay describing your educational philosophy.

  3. Transcripts of course work from all higher education institutions attended.
    • Unofficial copies are accepted.
    • Overall GPA must be 2.8 or above for admittance and continuance in the program.
    • A grade of C is the minimally-accepted grade for essential learning and major course work, unless otherwise specified.
    • Students must have a B or better in all education courses.

  4. Academic report from DegreeWorks or program sheet:
    • Must be signed by an academic advisor.
    • Show major declared.
    • Contain all classes taken to date and grades earned.

  5. Completed Course Planning Sheet or DegreeWorks plan signed by both your content and education faculty advisors.

  6. Completed Background Investigation Disclosure and Authorization packet.
    • Students are required to complete and sign the agreement for a background check; results will remain with the Center for Teacher Education.
    • Applicants who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor (other than minor traffic violations) must offer a written explanation and substantiate it with documents showing the final disposition of the conviction. These applicants should schedule a meeting with the Department Head of the CTE to discuss the situation and review options.
    • Misrepresentation or falsification of statements on the Application Form will result in immediate and final expulsion from the Teacher Education Program.
    • Mesa County Valley School District #51 will not hire candidates who have ever been convicted of any type of felony. Other districts’ policies may vary.

  7. Submit proof of basic skills.
    • Completed Basic Skills Form
      • Successful completion of the following courses or approved equivalent courses with a grade of B or better:
        • ENGL 111 & 112
        • PSYC 233
        • EDUC 115 & 215
      • Successful completion of the following course in Mathematics or approved equivalent: 
        • Elementary: MATH 105 with grade B or better.
        • Secondary or K-12: MATH 110 or higher (major-specific) with grade C or better
    • PRAXIS Writing Exam: Copy of the official score report for the Writing exam (5722) must be submitted showing that you have a passing writing score or 162.
      • A score of 152-161 on the exam may allow for provisional admittance.  Notify the program coordinator/advisor and submit a letter requesting provisional acceptance based on your 152-161 score.  Within the letter, outline possible steps for improving your writing. For tips on writing improvement see Writing Resources for PRAXIS Core and the Education Program.
  8. Signed Teacher Candidate Expectations Form.
    • Read, sign, and date the Teacher Candidate Expectations statement. By signing this statement, you are agreeing to meet the expectations of a professional program.
    • Familiarize yourself with the policies outlined in the Undergraduate Advising Handbook.

  9. Recommendation Forms (3) - Three recommendation forms from individuals who can recommend you on the following: your commitment to children and education; academic promise; leadership potential; ability to work with others. No relatives or faculty in the Center for Teacher Education may give you a reference.
    • Elementary, Secondary, K-12 Recommendations:
      • Two recommendations must be from instructors in your academic area.
      • One must be from someone with supervisory knowledge of your experience working with children.
    • Early Childhood Special Education Recommendations: 
      • One recommendation from an Essential Learning course instructor.
      • One recommendation from an EDEC course instructor.
      • One recommendation from someone with supervisory knowledge of your experience working with children.
Printer-Friendly Version: Detailed Explanation of Packet Materials pdf


Applications to the Teacher Education program must be initiated with submission of Form A by October 15th for spring admittance and March 15th for fall admittance. Students will only be considered for admission after ALL admission requirements are met and ALL admission materials are received. It is the student's responsibility to submit the completed application packet. It is also the responsibility of the applicant to check on the status of the letters of recommendation. Applications are kept on file for one year from these dates. Students must reapply if not accepted during the one year application period.

Files are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you are unable to view the files, please download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.