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Life happens. You know it. We know it, too. Your car breaks down. Your child gets sick. You have to leave town for a sudden family crisis. Those unexpected events don’t have to disrupt your college career.

Grant and Loan Options

When an unexpected financial burden threatens your ability to continue your education, the university may be able to help. For more information, contact Student Services at 970.248.1366.

To qualify for a hardship grant or loan, you must:

  • Be enrolled in at least six credit hours
  • Have earned at least half of the credits needed for your degree
  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress, as defined by university policy
  • Have documented financial need

What life events qualify?

  • An event must be specific, unforeseen, unexpected and sudden
  • Eligible expenses include:
    • Medical
    • Transportation
    • Childcare
    • Travel for a family emergency

Apply for Hardship Grant or Loan

Bridge Grant

  • Grants available for up to $1,000.
  • A student can be awarded a Bridge Grant only once during the time they are pursuing a degree at CMU.
  • Documentation of the specific event must be provided.
  • Evidence that grant money was spent as agreed must be documented; if the student fails to provide this information, the university reserves the right to revert the grant to a loan.

Short-Term Hardship Loan

  • Maximum loan amount is $2,000
  • This short-term loan is a 30-day interest-free loan to be used as a last-resort

Pay-Down Plan

If you are unable to register for classes because of a Business Office hold, please contact Student Accounts at 970.248.1567 to work out an acceptable payment agreement on your account.