Cultural Diversity Board

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Mission Statement:

The student-led Cultural Diversity Board strives to promote and support the ethnic and cultural groups on campus by providing educational resources and support services. Above all, the Cultural Diversity Board serves as the educational liaison to Colorado Mesa University campuses and the regional community regarding culturally diverse issues. The Cultural Diversity Board is open to anyone who would like to promote diversity on campus and in the Grand Valley.

Want to be a member?

To join any of the alliances affiliated with Cultural Diversity Board, call or stop by their offices on the second floor of the University Center to contact them. You don't have to be of a particular ethnicity to join an alliance-- anyone is accepted and welcomed in any alliance. Contact the desired alliance in order to find out more information about them, or when they have their weekly meetings. You can also check out their pages on OrgSync by clicking here.

Cultural Diversity Alliances

The Cultural Diversity Board consists of six different cultural alliances:

Black Student Alliance

Coordinator: Aishat Akolade

Asst. Coordinator: Tiandra Jennings


Gay Straight Alliance

Coordinator: Ashli Alderman

Asst.Coordinator: Kacie Sinton


Ho'olokahi Polynesian Club Alliance

Coordinator: Beau Flores

Asst. Coordinator: Mikaila Braun


International Student Alliance

Coordinator: Justin Pascual

Asst. Coordinator: Jennica Ramones


Latino Student Alliance

Coordinator: Angel Lopez

Asst. Coordinator: Jasmin Tellez


Native American Student Alliance

Coordinator: Chantel Pine

Asst. Coordinator:


Contact Information

CDB Student Director

Shelby Cerise


CDB Student Assistant Director

Briana Hodges


CDB Communications Manager

Randy Ridela