Research Scholars Group

About the Research Scholars Group Program

To address the issue of faculty members needing or wanting to build their capacity to effectively conduct educational research and engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning as part of their professional activities, we have created the Research Scholars Group.

The Research Scholars Group is a facilitated interdisciplinary faculty community of practice composed of faculty members from multiple disciplines with interests in or commitments to conducting education research and engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning to support their efforts to fulfill the teacher scholar model.

The objective of the Research Scholars Group is to provide a means for assembling faculty members from multiple disciplines to work collectively as a community of practice to empirically investigate and report on an educational practice, process, or phenomenon common across disciplines.

The topics for research are determined by the group through discussion and search of the literature for areas of needed study or gaps in empirically supported educational practices, processes, or phenomena. Once decided, the group determines what data needs to be collected, how to effectively gather the data, how to conduct the analysis, and the best way for reporting the findings including the appropriate journal.

Typically, the cohort of eight scholars and one facilitator participate for a year, meeting every other week for 1.5 hours to work from idea to publication on a research project. The facilitator provides the direction for the group, assuring time together is focused on the research project and progress is made toward carrying out the investigation and reporting the findings.

The work as a group increases understanding of the issues of teaching and learning that are ubiquitous to and unique across disciplines. The ability to work as a group also distributes the efforts associated with scholarship, using a cooperative and collaborative approaching for engaging in the research and publication. Further, group members forge new collaborations and seek new lines of research or pursue grant funding for additional research projects.

Sponsored Programs will run 2 Research Scholars Groups in 2017-2018.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Louis Nadelson (ext 1424 or

Research Scholars Groups in 2017-18

Group 1: 2017-2018Coleman Fellows - focus on teaching and learning entrepreneurship.

  1. Scott Kessler - Engineering
  2. Sean Flanigan – Music
  3. Ram Basnet - Computer Science, Math and Statistics
  4. Eric Elliot - Art
  5. Meghan Bissonnette – Art
  6. Megan Fromm – Mass Communication
  7. Sarah Lanci – Engineering
  8. Tom Benton - Maverick Innovation Center
  9. Laureen Cantwell – Tomlinson Library
  10. Aparna Palmer - Biology


 Group 2: Department nominated - focus on the teacher-scholar model.

  1. Ed Bonan Hamada - Mathematics
  2. Elizabeth Sharp – Kinesiology
  3. Nancy Banman – Social Work
  4. Christine Noel – Business
  5. Robin Calland – languages Lit and Mass Comm
  6. Kristin Santos – Criminal Justice
  7. Suzanne Lay - Business
  8. Carlos Baldo – Business
  9. Carmine Grieco – Kinesiology