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Per 2 CFR 212, and pursuant to Executive Order 12689 Section 2(a): “No agency shall allow a party to participate in any procurement or nonprocurement activity if any agency has debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded (to the extent specified in the exclusion agreement) that party from participation in a procurement or nonprocurement activity.”  As such, this document outlines the procedures for complying with this order as it pertains to contractors paid by or through Colorado Mesa University (CMU) on sponsored programs activities.

Issuance of subawards by CMU is not supported at present.


The Principal Investigator (PI) will be informed by Sponsored Programs at the time of proposal that no grant funds will be distributed to any contractor or vendor who has been suspended or debarred. Sponsored Programs will review any known contractor or vendor prior to the time of submission of the proposal

When issuing a purchase order or contract for services, all potential vendors must be screened through the System for Award Management (SAM) to look for anyone who has been suspended or debarred. Sponsored Programs will review any potential vendor or contractor prior to the purchase order or contract being signed by logging into the SAM system at

If a vendor or contractor is found to have been suspended or debarred, approval for their use will be denied by Sponsored Programs and no grant funding will be allocated to their use.