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Checking in on the day of Showcase

Students who are participating in the Showcase are required to check in between 10:30 am and 1 pm on April 29th at the Student Showcase table located in the hallway next to Love Recital Hall in the Moss Performing Arts Center. Students will receive their information packets and can select from a variety of free items that will be available!

After 1pm, an Information Table will open on the first floor of the University Center to help guests find their way to various presentations on campus. The Information Table will close at 3:30 pm.

You are Encouraged to Attend the Kick-Off Event!

Every year, we kick off the Student Showcase with a special event to welcome everyone. This year, our Kick-Off Event for the Student Showcase will be a talk by Keira Lusby, Renaya Demarest, and Morgan Crouse of the GROWL Agency on turning passion into profession and finding your place after graduation. The talk will be in the Love Recital Hall from noon to 12:30 pm. The GROWL Agency has been invited by the Colorado Gamma chapter of the Alpha Chi Honor Society.

Join Us for the Celebratory Reception!

At 4:30 pm on Friday, April 29, students, mentors, facilitators, volunteers, and guests are invited to celebrate the accomplishments of our participants and the hard work of their faculty mentors at a reception. Students will receive their certificates and parting gifts. Join us for beverages, snacks, and conversation at the Plaza under the tent.

Is parking available for guests (including family members/friends/community members) who want to attend the Student Showcase?

Yes, guests are encouraged to park in the following areas on campus:

  • University Center (UC) Parking Garage (CP11, P1)
  • The Parking Area west of the Art Building (CP9)
  • Maverick Center (MC) Parking Garage
  • Health Science (HS) Parking Lots (M16 and M26)
  • Any of the Pay to Park lots (P2, P3, P4, P5, P6)

Guests parking in these areas will NOT be ticketed on the day of this year's Showcase, April 29th, 2022. Use the link above to access a map of Showcase venues and guest parking areas. A campus map with venues and guest parking areas is available.

General Instructions for All Student Presenters

Depending on the the category of your project, you will need to take different factors into consideration when preparing your presentation. See below for requirements for each category, and general criteria for evaluation (rubrics). For clarification on the requirements specific to your discipline, consult with your faculty sponsor.

Please follow these guidelines when designing your presentations.

  • Each oral presentation/performance/demonstration is allotted 10-12 minutes for a 15-minute presentation and 15-17 minutes for a 20-minute presentation. Staying within this time limit will create a few minutes to answer questions and to switch to the next presenter.
  • If you are giving an oral presentation that requires a PowerPoint presentation or another type of electronic file to be displayed on a screen, please follow these instructions to save your file to the H drive. Saving your file to the H drive permits the facilitator for your session to pull it up easily during the session.
  • Poster presentations are limited to 5-7 minutes. Please make sure that you print out your poster well before the date of the Showcase and please affix it to foamboard (either through the printing process or with binder clips) so that it will stand up on the easel that will be provided to you. If you have any questions about how to print out your poster, please contact your faculty mentor.
  • If you are doing an Engineering or WCCC demonstration/exhibit, you may set up on the Plaza starting at 11 am or when the tables have been set up on April 29th, 2022.
  • If you are doing another type of presentation or a performance, please wait until 12:30 pm or until the room/space in which you are presenting or performing is clear of any classes.
  • Please see below for more specific instructions for each type of project.

Specific Requirements by Presentation Category

Oral Presentations/Demonstrations

  • Supporting materials such as PowerPoint slides, databases, computer applications, prototypes, etc. may be used or demonstrated in your presentation.
  • If presenters choose to incorporate computer programs or PowerPoint slides (or the like), a font size of 20 point or larger is recommended. This is important because it prevents each slide from being overloaded with information and allows the audience to read your slides more easily.
  • Please check out the room in which you are presenting ahead of time and make sure that your electronic materials (such as your PowerPoint presentation) can be accessed from the computer in the room.
  • As mentioned above, please save your final presentation to the H drive as detailed in these instructions.


*Please see the note below about judging.

Creative Performances/Readings

  • Instruments/equipment must be provided by the participant(s). Please inquire with your faculty sponsor if you need access to an instrument (such as a piano), a music stand, or an accompanist for your performance. 
  • Performances and readings can last up to 12 minutes, based on the nature of the discipline. Check with your faculty sponsor if further clarification is needed.


*Please see the note below about judging.


  • Please design your posters to be no larger than 48" x 36". Please include the project title, name(s) of presenter(s), and the name(s) of faculty sponsors. Font sizes between 16 and 24 point fonts are recommended so that viewers are able to read your poster more easily.
  • If needed, templates for a poster projects are available either in PowerPoint (please do set the correct dimensions) or at
  • As mentioned above, please limit your talk about your poster to 5-7 minutes and please make sure that you print out your poster well before the date of the Showcase and please affix it to foamboard (either through the printing process or with binder clips) so that it will stand up on the easel that will be provided to you. If you have any questions about how to print out your poster, please contact your faculty sponsor. Posters may be printed locally (with at least 48 hours of notice) or using an online service (with a week's notice).
  • This year, most of the poster presentations will occur outside. Please bring materials (such as extra binder clips) to secure your poster to the easel if needed.


*Please see the note below about judging.

Visual Arts/Exhibits

  • Actual artwork or photographs of the work must be displayed so that they can be viewed easily. For help preparing the exhibit, please consult your faculty sponsor.


*Please see the note below about judging.


  • During the 2022 Student Showcase, only some departments are using judges. However, if your project is required for a class grade, your professor/sponsor will evaluate the project. Showcase sponsors may also invite guests to give you feedback on your project.
  • Please consult with your faculty sponsor if you have any questions about the rubrics or how your project will be evaluated.