Student Showcase Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of the Student Showcase at CMU?

The Student Showcase highlights student works involving creativity, discovery, research, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship. The Showcase builds on classroom experience and is a venue where students can share their work with faculty, student peers, and community members.

Who is eligible to submit an application for the Student Showcase at CMU?

Students currently enrolled at Colorado Mesa University or Western Colorado Community College are eligible to apply for participation.

When is the next Student Showcase and when do I need to register?

The next Showcase will be in late April of 2020 with an abstract deadline of March 1, 2019. The current Showcase will occur on April 19th from 1:15 pm to 5:30 pm; the deadline to submit abstracts was on March 1, 2019.

Are students limited to the number of projects in which they may participate?

Due to time constraints and scheduling concerns, students should plan on presenting no more than two projects for the Showcase. If students have presenting in the Showcase as a course requirement for more than 2 courses, their faculty mentor should contact the department representative on the committee.

How can I register for the Showcase?

The online application will be available in MAVzone until the application deadline of March 1 each year. Log in to MAVzone and choose the "Student Academics" tab. This 2019 deadline has already passed. The deadline for 2020 Showcase entries will be on March 1, 2020.

Is there a registration fee that I have to pay in order to take part in the Student Showcase?

No, the Student Showcase is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College.

Do I need a sponsor in order to participate in the Showcase?

Yes. All applications must identify a faculty sponsor. You should confirm that the faculty member agrees to provide mentorship for your project prior to completing the application.

Can I invite family and friends to watch my Showcase Presentation?

Yes. Students are encouraged to invite family members, friends, student peers, and faculty members to watch presentations.

What do my guests do about parking for the Showcase?

Free parking will be available the day of the event, beginning one hour prior to the beginning of the event. Handicap and reserved parking will still be enforced. Check the web site the week of the event for details.

What if my work schedule changes at the last minute? Can my presentation time be adjusted to accommodate my schedule?

Please make sure well in advance to schedule the time needed to participate in the Showcase. Due to approximately 600 student participants and the need to schedule judges, presentation times cannot be changed once they have been assigned.

How do I know if my Showcase submission has been accepted?

In early April (around April 3rd), student presenters will receive information via their MAVzone email account with details for the Showcase schedule. Be sure to check the Student Showcase web site periodically for new Showcase details.

What do I need to do on the day of the Showcase?

On the day of the Showcase, participants (or one member from each participant group) must register at the designated student check-in location. The exact time and location of check-in will be finalized closer to the event and posted on the web site. Students should plan on being at their designated sites approximately ten minutes prior to their scheduled presentations. It is recommended that participants stay throughout the entire track if at all possible.

What times, beside my project presentation do I need to be available?

The event will be the afternoon, with student registration beginning mid-morning. Presenters will need to be available to check in prior to their presentation time, as well as available for their scheduled presentation. The exact times of presentation will be available in early to mid-April. It is recommended that participants stay throughout the entire session if possible. Students should also be available for the awards ceremony held in the University Center Ballroom afterwards.

What happens if my abstract needs to be changed prior to the Showcase?

You will be notified by your faculty mentor of any needed changes to your abstract. Faculty sponsors will coordinate the changes with the Student Showcase Planning Committee and the Showcase Director.

I might need assistance with technology during the day of the Showcase. Will someone be available to help?

Students are encouraged to upload files in advance to a Shared Network drive (instructions on this will be sent to participants prior to the event). Storing presentation materials on the Network in advance will help avoid issues. IT staff will be available during the event to assist with any network or equipment issue that may arise.