Questions & Answers about the 2022 Student Showcase

What's the purpose of the Student Showcase at CMU?

The Student Showcase highlights student works involving creativity, discovery, research, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship. The Showcase builds on classroom experiences and is a venue where students can share their work with faculty, student peers, and community members. It also helps students build upon their presentation and performance skills; these skills can translate into greater success later on in their careers or in graduate school.

Who is eligible to submit an application for the Student Showcase at CMU?

Students currently enrolled at Colorado Mesa University or Western Colorado Community College are eligible to apply for participation. All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, no matter the program in which they are enrolled.

When is the next Student Showcase and when do I need to register?

The next Showcase will be on April 29th, 2022. Applications were due by Wednesday, March 9th, 2022.

Are students limited to the number of projects in which they may participate?

Due to time constraints and scheduling concerns, students should plan on presenting no more than two projects for the Showcase. If students are presenting in the Showcase as a course requirement for more than 2 courses, their faculty sponsor should contact the departmental representative on the Showcase Planning Committee to request special permission for the student to participate in more than two projects. Students can participate individually or as part of a group.

How can I apply to participate in the Showcase?

For the 2022 Showcase, the online application will be available in MAVzone starting in January of 2022 and remain there until the application deadline in mid-March. Look for an announcement about applying or check out the How to Apply section of this website for more information.

Is there a registration fee that I have to pay in order to take part in the Student Showcase?

No, the Student Showcase is open for free to all registered students at Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College.

Do I need a faculty sponsor in order to participate in the Showcase?

Yes. All applications must identify a faculty sponsor. You should confirm that the faculty member agrees to provide mentorship for your project prior to completing the application. You may have more than one faculty sponsor if that is appropriate.

Can guests (including family members/friends/community members) attend presentations?

Yes, as long as they wear face masks and maintain safe social distancing. If you have guests who would like to attend your presentation, please check with your faculty sponsor on whether the space you are presenting in can accommodate all of your guests. Some spaces may be too small to seat guests and the other participants with safe distancing between individuals/groups. If you are presenting a poster outdoors, your guests can visit you there without limitations as long as they are wearing masks and keeping a safe social distance from others.

Is parking available for guests (including family members/friends/community members) who want to attend the Student Showcase?

Yes. It is recommended that guests park in one of the following areas on campus which are designated for Showcase:

  • University Center (UC) Parking Garage (CP11, P1)
  • The Parking Area west of the Art Building (CP9)
  • Maverick Center (MC) Parking Garage
  • Health Science (HS) Parking Lots (M16 and M26)
  • Any of the Pay to Park lots (P2, P3, P4, P5, P6)

Guests parking in these areas will NOT be ticketed on the day of this year's Showcase, April 29th, 2022. A parking map is available if you need more information on these areas.