Tuition and Fees

Colorado Mesa University offers one of the highest quality, yet affordable RN to BSN programs in Colorado. CMU gives you added value with our partner health care facility discount. Students employed by one of our partner health care facilities can save $1,000 in tuition.

Colorado Mesa University's RN to BSN online program is now 31 credit hours.

Non-Partner Healthcare Facilities

Tuition* COF Stipend**
(if applicable)
Tuition per Credit Hour after COF Stipend Tuition After COF
$9,998 $2,200 $251.55 $7,798


Partner Health Care Facilities***

Tuition* COF Stipend**
(if applicable)
Tuition per Credit Hour after COF Stipend Tuition After COF
$8,998 $2,200 $219.29 $6,798

*Does not include general education requirements necessary for degree completion. Tuition rate includes $3,000 promotional discount. Promotional discounts apply to upper division nursing courses only.

**The College Opportunity Fund is a program for In-State Residents where the state of Colorado may give a stipend for every credit hour (up to 145) you take at a college or university within the state of Colorado. If you elect not to utilize this program, or do not qualify, students are responsible for payment of their tuition in full.

***A special tuition discount is available for students employed by partner healthcare facilities. Tuition and fees based on approved rates for 2018-19 academic year. Rates are subject to change.


There is an application fee of $30.

There is a matriculation fee of $135, which provides for course add/drops, MAVcard, your student ID card granting you online access to Tomlinson Library (replacement MAVcards are extra), career services, orientation, graduation and student life.


Tuition and 12-month timeframe refers to upper division nursing courses only. Students must complete general education requirements, along with the nursing courses, for a total of 120 hours, to graduate. Essential learning/general education courses will be determined based on course transfers and individual advising. Not all essential learning/general education courses are offered online by CMU each semester. All other course requirements can be completed as corequisites and are determined by an individual advisor. 2018-19 tuition for undergraduate, online essential learning/general education courses are $423.10 per credit hour.

Payment Information

All courses MUST be paid in full by the end of the day on the 15th of the month following the course start date (5pm Mountain Time). If not paid, clases for the next start date will be dropped.

Drop / Refund Policy

Student Initiated Drop

  • Students can initiate dropping a course until 5pm MST on the 1st day of class for a full refund
  • Students must contact the Registrar's office to drop their class. Learn more information about dropping a course

Administrative Drop
Students may be administratively dropped for any of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment by 5pm the first day of class
  • Non-attendance by fifth day of class. No refunds will be issued

Financial Aid

A student may use financial aid to pay for the program. Once, financial aid funds come through and the student’s attendance in the course is verified, the student will be reimbursed with any remaining financial aid funds. For more information on how to apply, please visit financial aid page