Financial Aid

How much does it cost to attend Colorado Mesa University?

Expenses vary depending on the number of credit hours students are enrolled in. Visit our Tuition and Fees page to see a breakdown of tuition and fees.

How will I meet these costs?

There are four basic sources for payment of expenses:

  1. Personal/Family income and resources.
  2. Financial aid (including grants, scholarships, loans and on-campus employment).
  3. Semester based payment plans
  4. College Opportunity Fund stipends that are paid directly to the college to offset your share of tuition (Eligible Colorado Residents Only).

Proper planning and favorable circumstances may have made it possible for you and your family to meet all or most of the costs of college. When personal and family resources are not enough to pay these expenses, you are eligible for financial assistance to help meet your need.

How do I apply for financial aid?

How is financial aid determined?

Financial Aid at Colorado Mesa University is determined by a process used at most colleges and universities to estimate what you and your family can afford to pay for college. One general system is used to treat everyone fairly and equally. The information supplied on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is processed by the Federal Processor to review family size, taxes and other costs and income, to decide what the expected family contribution (EFC) should be. To determine your financial need, your expected family contribution is subtracted from your college expense budget. If you have financial need determined by this process, you are eligible for student financial aid.

Do I have to apply for financial aid every year?

Yes. In order to receive aid each year, you must complete a FAFSA. New applications are available October 1 of every year.

Tips for Transfer Students

How do I transfer my Financial Aid to Colorado Mesa University?

Be sure Colorado Mesa University is listed on your student aid report (FAFSA). If it is not, log back into your FAFSA at, make corrections to your FAFSA, and add our Title IV school code (001358).

Will my financial aid automatically transfer to Colorado Mesa University?

No. Colorado Mesa University must be listed on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid; our Title IV school code is 001358. If you need to add Colorado Mesa University to your FAFSA, you may contact the Federal Processor at 800-433-3243 or sign onto your FAFSA application, make corrections, and add the Colorado Mesa University school code: 001358

If you are transferring to Colorado Mesa University in the middle of the academic year (spring or summer semester), please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 970-248-1396.

About the College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The College Opportunity Fund (COF) is available to Colorado Mesa University undergraduate students who are classified as in-state students for tuition purposes and enrolled in classes. When a student applies for COF, they are applying to receive a state benefit that reduces the student's share of tuition. It is not a loan or grant or scholarship and does not impact eligibility for student financial aid. If a student is eligible for this state funding program stipend, it does not need to be repaid.

Students must first apply for COF on the state website. After applying, the student must 'choose to authorize' their registration at Colorado Mesa University. A student can authorize their registration through MAVzone, My Account, COF Stipend Authorization.

Students have up to 145 credit hours that they can use at any Colorado college that is a participant in COF.