RN to BSN Online Start Dates and Deadlines

At Colorado Mesa University, when you start is up to you. We have five convenient start dates each year — while most universities only have two. This gives you more flexibility to learn when it's best for you.

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Upcoming start dates

View deadlines for each start date. You may register for up to two consecutive terms at a time. Once enrolled, you can make changes to your course schedule. However, it's imperative that you adhere to CMU's Add/Drop/Withdraw Deadlines to avoid being assessed fees.

Drop/Withdraw Request Form

Application Deadline: 9/16/19

Document Deadline: 9/30/19

Registration Deadline: 10/21/19

Payment Due: 10/14/19

Student Drop Date: 10/14/19

Application Deadline: 12/16/19

Document Deadline: 1/6/20

Payment Due: 1/21/20

Student Drop Date: 1/21/20

Registration Deadline: 1/27/20


Application Deadline: 2/24/20

Document Deadline: 3/9/20

Payment Due: 3/9/20

Student Drop Date: 3/30/20

Registration Deadline: 3/30/20


Application date: 4/27/20

Document deadline: 5/11/20

Registration deadline: 6/1/20

Payment Due: 5/26/20

Drop Date: 5/26/20

App deadline: 7/20/20

Document Deadline: 8/3/20

Registration Deadline: 8/24/20

Payment Due: 8/17/20

Drop Date: 8/17/20

App deadline: 9/14/20

Document deadline: 9/28/20

Registration deadline: 10/19/20

Payment Due: 10/12/20

Drop Date: 10/12/20