Registration Policies

Once admitted to Colorado Mesa University a student meets with an academic advisor. Not all courses offered at Colorado Mesa University are available every semester or every year. Student's may register via MAVzone or in person at the Registrar's Office.

For more information on the complete Registration Policies and Procedures please download the Colorado Mesa University Catalog in one file or individual chapters.

To learn the requirements, use the following resources:

Document: Colorado Mesa University Catalog

Important Information:

  • Registration Policies and Procedures
  • Student Liability for Tuition and Fees
  • Attendance
  • Audit Courses
  • General Undergraduate Academic Policies
  • Student Load and Limitations
  • Academic Standards
  • GPA Minimum and Calculation
  • Academic Probation and Suspension
  • Grade Improvement
  • Academic Renewal
  • Honor Lists and Societies
  • Student Conduct
  • Course Descriptions
  • Course Pre-requisites/Co-requisites
  • General Graduation Requirements
  • General Education Summary/Lists
  • Plus more ...

Document: Programs of Study

Important Information:

  • Department & Major Information

  • Program Sheets

Document: Essential Learning/General Education Lists

Important Information:

  • Be sure to print the general education list for the same academic year as your program sheet.

For further information contact the Registrar's Office at (970)248-1555.