Registration Dates for Fall 2018


Students can register through MAVzone, at one of the campuses, or the Registrar’s Office beginning on the date below.

Summer Fall 2018 Registration Dates

Current, Transfer, and Returning Degree Seeking Students*

(The credit hour counts specified below only include completed credits earned

through Fall 2017 and transfer credits with a "C" or better)

Graduate students and Seniors (90+ credit hours) March 26
Juniors (60+ credit hours) March 28
Sophomores (30+ credit hours) March 30
Freshmen (less than 30 hours) April 3

Academic Merit Students

Academic Merit students may register one day ahead of their class standing listed above.

To qualify for academic merit, a student must meet one of the criteria below:

 - Colorado Mesa University Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better

 - Fall 2017 Presidents List recipient (Full-time student with a 4.00 semester GPA)

Check your unofficial transcript through MAVzone to verify your credit hours and GPA.

Open Registration

Non-degree seeking and Concurrent students

April 9

New Students

New students starting in Fall 2018 should attend Orientation to Register. 

Golden Scholars

Fall 2018 - Course registration opens August 13

*Students returning to Colorado Mesa University after sitting out one year or more will need to submit a Returning Student Application online.