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Opening beginning Wednesday, June 3

Everyone at CMU has been focused on using advice from experts to inform when and how we could re-open our fine natatorium. We’ve wanted to make sure it’s done in a way that will protect students, staff and all other users. We know everyone has wanted us to re-open… have we!

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we prep our building and train our team members with the new health protocol for Phase II re-opening of El Pomar Natatorium.

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri: 6am – 4:30pm
(closes early for Mav Aquatics practices)

Sat – Sun: 9am to 6pm

Areas Open

21 short-course lanes (alternate entry points)


25 people on deck maximum (21 lanes available); household members only may share lanes

60-minute maximum workout time is requested of all members

This venue will follow the Mesa County Health Department guidelines and will update as guidelines change.

Areas Closed

Locker rooms & showers will be available in limited capacity. No more than 6 people total showering and/or changing at one time (2 per section of lockers).

If 2 people are in section with your locker, please move to another 6’ space.

No towel service will be offered, please bring your own.

No pool equipment will be available for use (kickboards, fins, etc).

No day-use lockers available on pool deck. Please rent a locker in locker room if wanting to store belongings.

Lobby is closed to gatherings.

No snack/beverages will be sold.

Drinking fountains will be covered for your safety.

Bring your own bottle for touchless water bottle filling stations.

Diving boards will remain closed.

Viewing area (stands) will remain locked & closed.

Guest passes will be sold if visitors pass our screening process.

Check-in Process

Masks are required at all times per MCPH2020-02 Order (entering building & on deck until at your lane entering the water).

One-way building entrance will be from EAST doors only.

One-way building exit will be out the SOUTH doors only.

Plexiglass has been installed at check-in.

Patrons will be asked pre-screening questions each and every time they enter.

Anyone answering in the affirmative to any of these questions will also have their temperature taken prior to being allowed entry to the facility.

Everyone will be counted and if at capacity, will need to wait until others leave.

Scan-in will be "touchless" with your key tag or MAVcard only.

Cash will no longer be accepted. We will use “touchless” credit card payments only.

Pool will be accessed through breezeway if not needing locker room to change (or if locker room is at capacity).

You will exit pool deck via locker rooms following the one-way directional arrows.

Guest Code of Conduct

Masks are required at all times per MCPH2020-20 Order (entering building & on deck until at your lane entering the water).

Place your bag of personal belongings at your lane when entering water. Do not leave bags on benches or throughout facility.

Users must maintain 6’ social distance while in facility and 10’ social distance while swimming per MCPH order for gyms/pools.

Be courteous and limit your workouts to 60 minutes.

Bring your own towel, water bottle & pool equipment (fins, etc).

You will exit pool deck via locker rooms following the one-way directional arrows.


Masks are required at all times per MCPH2020-20 Order.

Staff will self-attest to health questions and take temperature upon arrival for every shift.

Must maintain 6’ social distance with co-workers and swimmers on deck.

Gloves are required when cleaning equipment and all touched surfaces (rails, benches).

Container of dirty rags needs taken to Rec crew for laundry each morning.

Staff is encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands once per hour.

Staff will enforce guest code of conduct.