Guidelines for purchasing goods and services for Colorado Mesa University.

These thresholds determine how to purchase goods and services at Colorado Mesa University:
  • Less than or equal to $5,000:
    • Use the procurement card
    • Reallocate on Access On-Line
  • Between $5,001 and $10,000:
    • Call the Purchasing Department at 970.248.1337
    • Send a Purchase Request form to the Purchasing Department via inter-office mail or email at
    • Purchasing Department will issue a Purchase Order and facilitate purchase with the vendor
    • Goods will arrive and are delivered
    • Accounts Payable receives the invoice, inputs into Banner, and issues the check


  • Purchase of goods greater than or equal to $10,000 must be competitively solicited
  • Purchase of services greater than or equal to $25,000 must be competitively solicited


  • Office Furniture: Work with the Purchasing Department on the purchase of all office furniture.
  • Software: Any purchase of software must approved by the IT department.
  • Computers & Peripherals: The purchase of computers and peripherals must be approved by the IT department.
Andy Rodriguez, Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services, oversees all contract management and administration for the University and must review all contracts for Colorado Mesa University. For questions pertaining to contracts, please contact him at 970.248.1451 or

Standard Insurance Requirements:

A. The contractor shall obtain, and maintain at all times during the term of this contract, insurance in the following kinds and amounts:

1. Workers' Compensation Insurance as required by state statute, and Employer's Liability Insurance covering all of contractor's employees acting within the course and scope of their employment.

2. Commercial General Liability Insurance written on ISO occurrence form

CG 00 01 10/93 or equivalent, covering premises operations, fire damage, independent contractors, products and completed operations, blanket contractual liability, personal injury, and advertising liability with minimum limits as follows:

a. $1,000,000 each occurrence;

b. $1,000,000 general aggregate;

c. $1,000,000 products and completed operations aggregate; and

d. $50,000 any one fire.

If any aggregate limit is reduced below $1,000,000 because of claims made or paid, the contractor shall immediately obtain additional insurance to restore the full aggregate limit and furnish to the State a certificate or other document satisfactory to the State showing compliance with this provision.

3. Automobile Liability Insurance covering any auto (including owned, hired and non-owned autos) with a minimum limit as follows: $1,000,000 each accident combined single limit.

B. The State of Colorado shall be named as additional insured on the Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability Insurance policies (leases and construction contracts will require the additional insured coverage for completed operations on endorsements CG 2010 11/85, CG 2037, or equivalent). Coverage required of the contract will be primary over any insurance or self-insurance program carried by the State of Colorado.

C. The Insurance shall include provisions preventing cancellation or non-renewal without at least 45 days prior notice to the State by certified mail.

D. The contractor will require all insurance policies in any way related to the contract and secured and maintained by the contractor to include clauses stating that each carrier will waive all rights of recovery, under subrogation or otherwise, against the State of Colorado, its agencies, institutions, organizations, officers, agents, employees and volunteers.

E. All policies evidencing the insurance coverages required hereunder shall be issued by insurance companies satisfactory to the State.

F. The contractor shall provide certificates showing insurance coverage required by this contract to the State within 7 business days of the effective date of the contract, but in no event later than the commencement of the services or delivery of the goods under the contract. No later than 15 days prior to the expiration date of any such coverage, the contractor shall deliver the State certificates of insurance evidencing renewals thereof. At any time during the term of this contract, the State may request in writing, and the contractor shall thereupon within 10 days supply to the State, evidence satisfactory to the State of compliance with the provisions of this section.

G. Notwithstanding subsection A of this section, if the contractor is a "public entity" within the meaning of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act CRS 24-10-101, et seq., as amended ("Act"), the contractor shall at all times during the term of this contract maintain only such liability insurance, as is necessary to meet its liabilities under the Act. Upon request by the State, the contractor shall show proof of such insurance satisfactory to the State.

Colorado Mesa University does not complete individual vendor credit applications. Our Credit Information Letter for vendors outlines the credit status of the University. If you have any questions about this please contact the Purchasing Department at 970.248.1337.
Authorized purchases made for Colorado Mesa University employ one of these three payment methods:
  1. Official Colorado Mesa University Purchase Order
  2. Credit Card purchases with a tax-exempt commercial US Bank Visa displaying "Colorado Mesa University" on the card
  3. Formal contract

To prevent unauthorized purchases, vendors are cautioned against selling or delivering goods or performing services for the University without having a purchase order, credit card or contract prior to delivery of goods or services. Vendors do not have authorization to transact business with the University unless they have received a purchase order, credit card or contract before delivery of goods or materials or performance of a service for the University. The University assumes no responsibility for payment of any unauthorized deliveries or services.

Credit card purchases shall indicate on the face of the invoice the name of the individual, department and payment method as credit card; paid in full.

All vendor deliveries are to be made to Purchasing's central shipping and receiving at 1260 Kennedy Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501

To ensure prompt payment the purchase order number must appear on the vendor invoice. Failure to indicate the University purchase order number on the invoice will delay payment or the invoice may be returned to the vendor.

The Purchasing Department oversees the campus procurement card program (One-Card). The One-Card is used for small dollar purchases (less than $5,000) for goods and services for the University. The card is a Visa and is individually issued by US Bank. The card is the preferred method for small dollar purchases; it is cost-effective for the University and provides individuals the ability to purchase directly for their campus departments.

Suzanne Ellinwood is the program administrator for the Procard Program. She can be reached at 970.248.1337 or

Bryan Davis is the reallocation coordinator, please contact him for information on allocating your transactions and questions regarding mapping to Banner at 970.248.1218 or


Please refer to the following documents for specific procedures and forms related to the Procard program:

One-Card Program Handbook

US Bank Access Online Login

2019 Cycle Close Calendar


Please complete the One-Card Application and obtain the necessary signatures for authorization and credit limit information. Once the form is complete, please send it to Alisha Mendelson in Purchasing.

If you have questions about how to fill out the form, please contact Alisha Mendelson at 970.248.1433 or by email at