Pre-Orientation Checklist

In order to set you up for success at Orientation, we have compiled a checklist of tasks to complete BEFORE your orientation session. Please take some time to review and complete each step.

Printable Pre-Orientation Checklist

Step 2

Do you need to complete Pre-Orientation Testing?

If you need to take pre-orientation tests, complete all necessary testing at least a week in advance of your Orientation.

Click here to learn more about Pre-Orientation testing and ACCUPLACER testing options. 

Options for completing testing before your Orientation session can be found here.

If you do not complete testing BEFORE Orientation, testing hours will also be available from 8:30-10:30am on the day of your Orientation, but will slow the process of your class registration.

If you are still unsure about testing requirements, please call the admissions office at 970.248.1875.

  1. See if you need to complete testing

    Check your MAVzone account under "My Tasks" to see if you need to complete pre-orientation testing.