Orientation for Parents and Families

Transitioning to Higher Education

The goal for our parent and guest orientation track is to support those who are providing support for our future students and to educate you on the vast array of resources and services your student has access to as a Maverick. Our hope is that when you leave Orientation, you will have peace of mind about your student’s time at Colorado Mesa University.

What to Expect 

One of the key features of our Orientation program is the separate track for parents and students. Apart from the welcome message and our information fairs, you will not be with your student while they register for classes and you are given support and resources to help you during this transition.

We make this distinction because independence is key. Your student is starting a new chapter in his or her life. Orientation is a fantastic way to start encouraging the independent thinking needed to be successful in college while in a supportive environment.

We recognize that parents and families also have to adjust to the new, occasionally challenging, opportunities that lie ahead. The following tips may help you feel more comfortable on Orientation day:

  • Talk to your student beforehand. This is the best way to make sure your student hears your advice and concerns. While faculty advisors can help your student register for the classes they need to obtain their degree and orientation leaders can help them choose classes that fit their personal needs, talking and planning before Orientation will ensure that you and your student are on the same page.

  • Talk to us. We have helped many parents through the separation anxiety and stress that can accompany a day like this. Ask as many questions as you can think of and let us know what you are feeling. We will do our best to explain what your student is going through and how you can help them along the way.

  • Trust in our faculty advisors, staff and orientation leaders. With a student body of just under 10,000, the class registration process is something we handle all the time. Orientation leaders go through weeks of training to help guide your student, and were in your student’s shoes not too long ago. Our staff and faculty advisors are top-notch. Their main concern is to help students select a schedule that will best fit their academic, personal, social and emotional needs.

  • Trust in your student. Your student will be registering with the guidance and support of many helpful hands. Your student has the best knowledge of what his or her goals are—trust in them to make good decisions knowing that they will be supported by our staff and, most importantly, by you throughout their academic career.