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Handshake is now live and students are encouraged to create a profile.


Internships and jobs are within a handshake

Students now have a better opportunity to apply for internships or start their careers at companies like Apple, IBM, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, HelloFresh and Airbnb. Thanks to a new Career Services resource — Handshake.

Handshake is an online platform that connects students to local and national employers for internships, part-time work or a job after graduation.

“It’s easy for students to get in there and figure out how to use it,” Coordinator of Career Services Amanda Nicksic said. “And the more you use it, it hones in on that information to better serve you.”

This new program replaced the clunky and outdated MAVjobs. It launched to students Dec. 1 and more than 100 students have created profiles. There will be another push to get students to create profiles once they return from winter break, said Nicksic.

Students can easily create a profile by uploading their resume. Handshake’s software then builds and formats a profile based upon the resume information.

Currently, there are 1,646 employers in the Colorado Mesa Handshake database offering almost 600 jobs nation-wide.

Along with posting internship and job opportunities, employers may also post career fairs and recruitment events. Employers can then target that event information to relevant students who have shown an interest in their company or whose resume has information that correlates to the event.

Handshake gives students access to internships and jobs that they wouldn’t have been able to easily access before, said Nicksic. Prior to Handshake, Career Services didn’t have a direct connection with certain national companies like IBM. Now students will have the same opportunity to apply for internships and jobs at IBM as college students from across the country.

Handshake will also be a tool for connecting local alumni mentors with current students, a partnership Career Services and the Alumni Association have been working on for weeks. Career Services is also working with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to better utilize Handshake.

Career Services will continually add employers to Colorado Mesa’s Handshake. There is a total of 200,000 companies in the national Handshake database that CMU Career Services staff can reach out to.

“The more we connect with employers, the more jobs will be available. And the more students use Handshake, the more opportunities and matches they will see,” Nicksic said.

Career Services offers additional resources including career assessments, interviewing skills and practice interviews, social media profile cleanup software and more. To view additional Career Services resources visit Job Link.

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