Inside of the new store, Game Day
Game Day by The Maverick Store features athletic and school spirit gear along with ticketing.


Game Day now open

Game Day, the second Maverick Store location which is now open, has been years in the making.

"We checked in several years ago during a remodel but it wasn’t the right time," said Tracy Broderick, The Maverick Store and Game Day general manager.

The timing was right last summer. The Health Sciences offices located in the Maverick Center moved out and into the new Health Sciences building, leaving vacant space. At the same time, the Athletics Department was planning to put in a ticketing window on site.

“It made sense to do retail along with the ticketing,” Broderick said. “It was a good idea to do a small turnkey space.”

In late June 2017 a remodel of the space east of Brownson Arena began and by October 20, Game Day by The Maverick Store was open for a home volleyball match.

Along with ticketing, the new store carries a variety of Maverick gear and has a large selection of athletic and school spirit items. “We are trying to carry a range of pieces,” said Broderick. “A lot more little kids come to this store so we try to have something for everyone.”

Game Day is open 90-minutes prior to any Mesa sporting event held in Brownson Arena, including men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and wrestling tournaments. The store is also open for other events held at the arena including a recent high school wrestling tournament and December commencement.

Broderick relies heavily on her staff of students, who range from art majors to nursing and business students, to run the store.

“We have really great students,” she said. “And we’re giving them really good hands-on, real-world experience in retail.”

The store has been open almost two months and sales have been better than Broderick’s initial projections.  

Ticketing info and counter Game Day has hoodies, T-shirts and other spirit gear

Game Day sells pint glasses with the CMU interlocking logo Spirit items sold at Game Day

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