Close-up of the wood block printing press
At the third author showcase, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Eli Hall was printing typeface originally created in 1838.


Creative works and performance pieces highlighted in third author showcase

Detailed porcelain celadon sculptures, wood block prints featuring typeface from 1838 and an instrumental jazz piece reminiscent of falling leaves were just a few of the works on display at the most recent CMU Author Showcase.

This is the third author showcase — a collaboration between Tomlinson Library and Academic Affairs to highlight faculty members’ scholarly work — and the first to feature creative works and performance pieces. The first showcase included faculty who had recently authored books, chapters, textbooks or lab manuals. The second highlighted faculty and staff who had produced peer-reviewed, juried or referenced scholarly work.

“Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. (Cynthia) Pemberton and I wanted to honor and exhibit the full range of all CMU faculty works,” said Tomlinson Library Director Sylvia Rael. “For library staff, books and journal articles were easier to organize so we began with them. We had the creative works of the art, music, theatre and dance faculty in mind since the beginning, but needed some time to think through how to integrate their works into an author showcase reception.”

About 100 faculty, staff and students attended the author showcase held at the library on Nov. 9. They perused tables of artwork on display. One faculty member’s CD was playing. Another had his computer open to his webpage displaying sets he had designed. Attendees were not only able to interact with the artwork and creative pieces but they could speak to faculty about their inspirations and methodology.  

“Of course, they are not the same as attending a play or a concert but it was very interesting to learn about their craft,” Rael said. “It was also interesting to learn about their impressive work beyond CMU.”

Academic Affairs and the library will exhibit Fulbright scholarship and sabbatical work at the fourth author showcase, which is planned for this spring.

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