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Meet the new Student Trustee Beau Flores.


New Student Trustee

Mentor. Athlete. Club president.

Beau Flores, a junior in the English program, is adding one more title to his name - student trustee. That's a title he earned through perseverance, dedication to his education and winning an election.

Flores came to CMU from Oahu, Hawaii. He left school after his third semester.

“The transition period was really hard,” he said. “I didn’t tell anyone. I just left.”

Those he didn't tell included CMU President Tim Foster, who Flores met when he first arrived at Mesa in 2011. “He remembered my name from the very first time we met. And when I came back in 2015, he still remembered me.”

Flores came back to prove to himself and his family that he could do it. He also returned to Mesa to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming an English professor.

When Flores returned in 2015, he was working nights at the local Wal-Mart and his grades started to suffer. He mentioned this to Foster, who told him of a work-study position that was open in the President’s Office. Flores is now going on his second year as a student worker and his grades are back up.

Flores is using his own college experience to mentor other students, especially Hawaiians who may go through the same emotions and struggles he did.

“I want to be that person that they can go to for school stuff or anything really,” he said.

That is a big reason why Flores ran for the student trustee position. He wanted the opportunity to communicate with the CMU Board of Trustees, to let them not only know about the bills that the Associated Student Government passes but to represent all CMU students.

"There are four or five areas I really want to focus on and to showcase to the board of trustees, including ASG, athletics, theatre, clubs and the diversity board," Flores said. "I want to show what students in each of those areas are accomplishing."

Being the new student trustee will be a time commitment that includes attending meetings on behalf of the student body. Flores will have to balance the responsibilities of his position with his other time commitments - school, his job, throwing for the track and field team, serving as president of the Ho'olokahi Polynesian Club and continuing his work as a mentor.  He said he is excited and ready for the challenge.

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