Portrait photo of Chad Middleton, the new faculty trustee
Chad Middleton, PhD, will represent more than 500 faculty members as the new Faculty Trustee.


New Faculty Trustee

A military coup attempt in Turkey last July led Professor of Physics Chad Middleton, PhD, to postpone submitting his paperwork for a sabbatical to the Middle Eastern country. Now instead of packing his bags for Turkey, Middleton is preparing for his new role as the Faculty Trustee.

He was nominated by a fellow faculty member and was chosen for the position after a campus-wide faculty vote.  

“He has a pulse on faculty interests and needs,” said Professor of Computer Information Systems Johnny Snyder, faculty senate president. “And he will be able to convey those to trustees.”

Middleton is part of the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences and his passion and enthusiasm for teaching physics principles is the same as it was when he came to Mesa twelve years ago. He teaches courses such as Modern Physics and General Relativity. He has worked on a variety of research projects including the physics of kayaking and the dynamics of bubbles rising through fluid with the help of undergraduate students.

“I like to think I have a lot of enthusiasm for the topic,” he said. “And I hope to inspire students to study physics.”

Along with classroom instruction and research projects, Middleton has immersed himself in other aspects of the university. He is serving a second three-year faculty senate term and he served as faculty senate president two years ago. He has helped on numerous search committees and with the strategic planning committee. For nine years, he was the faculty advisor for the Society of Physic Students. A position he recently relinquished to fully devote himself to his new role.

As the new faculty trustee, Middleton will represent more than 500 faculty, which is a role he is eager to begin.

“When I’ve presented at Board of Trustee meetings before I felt like I was able to have an influence to a degree,” he said.

Middleton will join 11 Board of Trustees in regular meetings throughout the next two years. He will present ideas and discuss topics that affect faculty and the institution. He said he hopes to have a positive influence on the Board of Trustees who shape policies regarding university resources, academic programs, curriculum, admissions, finances and more.

The new school year begins in less than a month so Middleton is wrapping up his big summer project - home renovations. “I’m a paper and pencil type of guy in the early morning as I do my physics research before my kids wake up,” he said, so working with his hands in the afternoon is a good change. He also enjoys hiking, backpacking and skiing. Along with enjoying all that Colorado has to offer, Middleton travels and spends time with his wife Serpil and two daughters Apollonia, 12, and Olivia, 7.

Once school starts, Middleton will be back in the classroom and devoting his time to his duties outside of the classroom. “My biggest goal is to show them (trustees) the perspective from a faculty. And to know that I did the best job representing the faculty.”

A goal Snyder thinks Middleton will accomplish. “I have great trust that he knows the faculty, their education needs and classroom needs. And that he will represent us well.”

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