Kyle Stone, PhD.
Kyle Stone, PhD, will present his work at the Academy of Management Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, this summer.


The Businessman’s Toolkit

Kyle Stone, PhD, assistant professor of business, practically leads a double life. In class, he brings textbook verbiage to life with professional stories from his years of working his way up from manufacturing engineer to operations manager at Altech Industries. Outside the classroom, Stone constantly challenges himself by running 50-mile races, flying airplanes and running his own business consultant company. This plethora of passions and skills make up what Stone refers to as his toolkit: the skill sets, knowledge and experiences that are unique to him that he can take anywhere he goes.

Stone built his business skills toolkit while working in the manufacturing industry. It was there he realized his passion for the people side of business, not just the continuous improvement of engineering processes. Stone began to see “a gap as far as the people we were hiring and the people we were recruiting right out of college. They just didn't have the current knowledge we were looking for.”

Rather than complain about the situation regarding eligible and educated recruits, Stone decided he wanted to be a part of the solution. To do this, he pursued a career in higher education by applying his manufacturing and engineering expertise to Human Resource Studies while earning his masters and PhD. He continues to be a part of the solution by challenging his students to be accountable in all aspects of their lives.

“I think it’s critical that people learn how to get things done on time,” Stone said, “It speaks volumes about your character and discipline.”

Stone said he likes to challenge “students to really step up to a level that I think they are going to be expected to meet when they get into the workplace.” These high standards are not just for students, as Stone is working with CMU’s Department of Business as they strive to meet the expectations of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business’s (AACSB) accreditation process.

“That’s like the gold standard in business schools, so for us to even get our application accepted to go through that review is a huge win for our school,” he said.

Additionally, Stone is working with Pearson Education to design new management simulations to supplement organizational behavior and management courses. He will present his work with Pearson in August at the Academy of Management Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the largest management conferences in the world, continuing to build and share his businessman's toolkit.

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