Portrait of Louis Nadelson
Louis Nadelson, Phd, is the new director of sponsored programs and academic research.


New director aims to increase research opportunities

New CMU Director of Sponsored Programs and Academic Research Louis Nadelson, PhD, walks the talk. He has been awarded almost $10 million in grants during the past nine years. That total may soon increase from his $600,000 in submitted grants currently under review.

“I’m coming at this from a perspective of a faculty member,” Nadelson said. “And I feel honored to be given this opportunity to direct this program.”

Nadelson relocated to Grand Junction less than a year ago from Utah where he was the director of the center for the school of the future at Utah State University. His resume also includes director of the IDoTeach program in the Boise State University College of Education and director of quantitative reasoning center at Evergreen State College.

Combining his leadership skills and practical experience, which includes sitting on an institutional research board; 60 refereed publications; and 100 state, regional, national and international presentations, in his new role Nadelson wants to expand the opportunities for CMU faculty.

“I see my job in terms of building capacity by lowering barriers and increasing opportunity. I want to spend more time helping faculty take an idea to proposal or publication.”

Nadelson is wasting no time transitioning from a visiting faculty member to his new role. The first of three grant-writing workshops for faculty is this June. The three-day intensive, personal workshop will give direct support to faculty members currently formulating or working on grant proposals.

In July, Nadelson and his team of two, in collaboration with the Tomlinson Library staff, will launch a subscription to Grant Forward — a database that compiles searchable information on sponsors, grant opportunities, other researchers and more. The team will also leverage other technology to make the process of submitting grants through their office easier.

This fall, an interdisciplinary research group comprised of 8-10 faculty members will focus on one research topic for one year. One possible topic is the scholarship of teaching and learning, said Nadelson. His goal is to bring this research group together each year and include different faculty members from different departments each time.  

“Given this responsibility I owe it to campus, faculty and community to enhance capacity and increase opportunity for success,” he said. “We can really help people and the university achieve their goals.”

Future goals for the Office of Sponsored Programs and Academic Research also include a faculty research showcase, which would accompany the Student Showcase held each spring.

The faculty research showcase would demonstrate to the campus and Grand Valley community the remarkable work faculty are conducting outside of the classroom and the role students play.

Two of Nadelson’s favorite, personal research projects include a National Science Foundation grant focusing on what people learned at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and an $800,000 grant used to support STEM teachers pursuing their degree. He was recently awarded a grant for a new research project and is eager to announce details soon.

Nadelson in his new role will continue to walk the talk and help to advance Colorado Mesa’s research and scholarly pursuits. 

 “Dr. Nadelson’s expertise, interest and success in securing grant funding will be a strong asset to our work moving forward,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Cynthia Pemberton, EDd. “We welcome him to this new role and look forward to his leadership insights and efforts on behalf of CMU.”

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