books on display at Tomlinson Library
A $15,000 grant from the Daniels Ethics Initiative Fund will be used to purchase new books and e-books available shortly at Tomlinson Library.


Librarians on an ethical search

A life-saving drug sold for less the $15 a pill. The company that made the drug was sold. The new owner raised the price to $750 a pill. Price-gouging or free market capitalism?

The newest project undertaken by the Colorado Mesa University chapter of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI) is intended to help CMU students make that call.

“One of the most challenging things to get across to students when it comes to ethics and ethically sensitive situations and/or ethical dilemmas, is that they will encounter an issue that involves ethics in their future career,” said Brian Fraser, assistant professor of finance and director of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at Colorado Mesa.

A recent $15,000 grant from the DFEI to the Tomlinson Library will help to secure additional principle-based ethics resources (print or electronic) for the library’s collection. The grant is part of a $1.25 million, five-year DFEI program.

The DFEI CMU chapter, currently it its third year, has worked to develop and incorporate principle-based ethics curriculum into business courses, brought speakers to campus as part of the Ethics Lecture Series program, established a Student Center for the Public Trust chapter on campus and led many other ethics-related learning opportunities.

“There is an ethical dimension to all disciplines and one needs only to read the headlines to see the breakdown in ethical actions,” said Tomlinson Library Director Sylvia Rael. “Materials provided by the grant will strengthen our existing ethics sources and help reinforce the teaching and learning of ethical behavior by CMU students as they prepare for the professional world.”

The process of identifying proper ethics materials is a joint effort between librarians and faculty. The librarians solicit recommendations from faculty who teach ethics courses, librarians also search a database of books and e-books from a wide variety of publishers and universities, and then the librarians select the best titles from the two lists.

A few titles on the list that may be added to the library collection include Ethics for a Digital Age; Power of Ideals: The Real Story of Moral Choice; Legal but Corrupt: A New Perspective on Public Ethics; and Portrait of a Moral Agent Teacher: Teaching Morally and Teaching Morality.

“I believe that when students leave CMU, they are walking away with a high quality education that will allow them to be competitive in whatever field they studied. Students will have a good amount of technical knowledge and, hopefully, a honed ability to think critically and solve problems,” said Fraser. “That said, to establish yourself in a profession and become respected, you not only need the technical knowledge, skills and abilities but also the ability to act with integrity and build trust with your co-workers and customers.”

The librarians are still collecting titles and welcome all faculty recommendations. It will be a few weeks before the new principle-based ethics collection is available at the Tomlinson Library.

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