Professor of Kinesiology Steven Murray at the Author Showcase
Professor of Kinesiology Steven Murray, PhD, was one of 34 CMU authors in attendance at the second Author Showcase.


Author Showcase aids interdisciplinary conversations

Teachers are busy. Their days are filled with teaching class, grading tests and planning coursework. Many are also student club and organization advisors, serve on committees and conduct research. On top of these numerous responsibilities many CMU faculty also find the time to write articles, books, textbooks and lab manuals for publication.

Thirty-four CMU authors from 20 different programs were recently featured during the second Author Showcase on March 3 at Tomlinson Library. The Author Showcase is a collaboration between Academic Affairs and the library.

“Once again, Dr. Pemberton and myself were pleased to recognize and honor faculty scholarship across campus,” said Sylvia Rael, Tomlinson Library director. “A lot of faculty welcomed the opportunity to discuss their work and to learn about their colleagues’ scholarly works.”

A call for submissions was sent out mid-February to faculty and staff who had produced peer-reviewed, juried or referenced scholarly work from 2011 to the present. The responses started flowing in almost immediately. The library received a total of 122 scholarly works including four published in 2017 by Professor of Forensic Anthropology Melissa Connor, PhD; Assistant Professor of Biology Theresa McHugh, PhD; Instructor of Geography Tammy Parece, PhD; and Assistant Professor of Nursing Sandie Nadelson, PhD, with Instructor of Statistics Louis Nadelson, PhD.

“My main reasons for participating in the author showcase were to support the librarians and to talk to other professors about the research that is being conducted at CMU,” said Professor of Kinesiology Steven Murray, PhD, who was an author in attendance and has 134 total published articles. “The librarians are a wonderful group of individuals and they have helped me tremendously over the years on many research projects.”

For this event, the library staff and academic affairs office expanded upon the inaugural Author Showcase that took place this past October. The focus of this second event shifted from faculty and staff authors of books, textbooks and/or lab manuals to peer-reviewed works for journals. The event layout also changed to two authors from different departments at one table. The new setup encouraged interdisciplinary discussions and a lively atmosphere.

“There was a palatable buzz and hum as I walked into the library event space during the showcase” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Cynthia Pemberton, EdD. “Faculty were animated and lively, discussing their research, scholarly interests and exploring interdisciplinary collaboration ideas with their colleagues … this is exactly the kind of enthusiastic engagement that makes a university a vibrant hub of intellectual inquiry.”

Moving forward Academic Affairs and the library plan to host an Author Showcase once a semester.

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