Allison Morris standing by the free little library book collection
Allison Morris started the 'Little Free Library' located by the staircase in Escalante Hall.


Meet CMU’s 'Little Free Library' Founder

When a teacher takes the time to think of ways to impact students’ lives for the better outside of the classroom, you know you've found a good one. Allison Morris is that kind of teacher.

Morris has taught a variety of English courses at CMU since 2007 and has a passion for working with freshmen and non-traditional students who are returning to the classroom. She said she enjoys helping them “rediscover their passion for learning”. Morris is extremely student-oriented and said she delights in interacting with her students along with getting to know and understand how they see the world. While Morris loves English, reading and writing, she believes her students “breathe life into” what she does.

A little more than a year ago, she asked herself, “How can I promote literacy with my students?” Morris wanted to find a way to encourage her students to read more without forcing it upon them. That led Morris to starting the "Little Free Library" that sits atop the Escalante Hall staircase. Morris’ passion for reading and for her students has created an opportunity for all CMU students to give books, take books and simply read more books in general. Morris’ giving attitude may be seen not only in her energetic teaching style, but also in the number of books she donates to the little library.

This giving spirit has always been part of Morris. She was in the Peace Corps from 1999-2001 with her husband, Blake Bickham, head of CMU's teacher education department. They both taught at Karshi State University in Uzbekistan during those years. Morris taught the English language and said the experience taught her to focus on her students' learning and appreciate the freedoms and inherent privileges of living here in the Unites States.

Morris' strong compassion for students is visible in her efforts both inside and outside of the classroom.

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