CMU students working in the TV studio
CMU students reviewing programming on the old standard definition TVs. The spring 2017 semester will be the first time students are able to use the high definition system.


CMU-TV has a clear future

Can you see me now?

CMU-TV sure hopes so. In December, the student-operated/managed television station that broadcasts from CMU's main campus made the switch from standard definition (SD) to high definition.

“We want a real-world experience for mass comm students,” said Greg Mikolai, instructor of mass communication and CMU-TV advisor. "We want to prepare them for a job in this industry after college and almost all of those systems will be in HD."

The student club has upgraded their equipment and technology during the past few years including a new TV studio in Escalante Hall built in 2014, new scheduling software and software application. The current switch to HD included upgrades to the fiber optics, encoder and decoder.

Students were already producing work in HD but were only able to view their projects on the university’s SD system. A lot of students were disappointed with their work because the SD system made the programming seem less clear and crisp, Mikolai said. He said he was excited for students working at CMU-TV to return to campus for the spring semester to see the clarity and quality of their programming on the new system.

The switch to HD will also be nicer for students viewing the programming on campus, he said.  Now that the picture is clearer, he said he hopes any location on campus with more than one TV, such as the dining hall in the University Center and the Hamilton Recreation Center, will have at least one tuned to CMU-TV (on channel 3) at all times.

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