The front of the new Student Wellness Center
The new on campus Student Wellness Center is located at 1060 Orchard Avenue.


Student Wellness Center moves onto campus

College students are busy. Demands on their time and mental health can be taxing when one considers the collective impact of classes, homework, group projects, internships, extracurricular activities, athletics, volunteering, jobs and making time for friends and family. To assist, Colorado Mesa University implemented an integrated health-care model. The newest pillar of this model is the on campus Student Wellness Center. The center opened this past fall semester and has already provided over 900 sessions for students.

“Two primary reasons for establishing the on campus wellness center are ease of access and to coordinate care more effectively,” said Director of Diversity, Advocacy and Health Bob Lang.

The Student Wellness Center, located at 1060 Orchard Avenue, provides a wide range of services to CMU students including physicals, check-ups, life-coaching, and depression, addiction or grief counseling. The facility provides services to address both emotional and behavioral issues.

This program is unique but two attributes stand out: the comprehensiveness of services and the process for payment of services.

“We’ve built in a self-sustaining mechanism,” Lang said. “Built into this model is we bill their insurance, so we can provide support for students without raising the cost burden.”

Due to the self-sustaining mechanism, students will not pay large out of pocket sums, other than a low co-pay, and students will not see an increase in university fees.

Lack of funds is always an issue with new projects, said Lang. So the university partnered with other local organizations including Mind Springs Health, Community and St. Mary’s Hospitals to pool resources and share costs.

Colorado Mesa also recently expanded wellness services online by implementing You@CMU, an online portal to connect students to wellness resources instantly.

Even though the on campus wellness center is still in its infancy, moving these services to one location on campus is already paying off, said Lang.

The wellness center has doubled its staff from three behavioral health providers to six in the first semester of being open. The center has also already provided 1.5 times more services this year than last.

“I think it reflects the universities commitment to providing resources and support for students to be successful,” said Lang.

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