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The Colorado Mesa Foundation works to provide financial assistance to low and middle income students through the end-of-year campaign- The Other Half.


CMU staff and faculty donations matched by CMU

“If we all give a little, look what the collective impact can be!” said Tina Kleespies, Colorado Mesa University Foundation chief operating officer and director of annual giving, referring to the donations made by CMU faculty and staff during the OurCMU campus campaign held earlier in November.

In just two days, 60 faculty and staff members donated a combined $34,785. These donations were matched by the University for a total donation of over $69,000. This was the first year the dollar-for-dollar match was put in place for the OurCMU campaign attributing to increased participation according to Kleespies.

The unique aspect of the OurCMU campaign is donors' ability to choose the scholarship, academic department, student group or cause they want their dollars to support.

“Donating demonstrates to externals donors that those closest to the cause believe enough in our institution to invest financially,” Kleespies said. “This is a powerful statement.”

CMU faculty and staff set the bar high as the foundation heads into its end-of-year campaign, The Other Half, directed at CMU alumni and donors. The foundation secured $300,000 to fund scholarships for low and middle income students on the condition the dollars be matched by CMU friends and supporters. The end-of-year campaign kicks off early December and more information can be found here.

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