Michrina Lecture Series features expert in Ute wickiups

The Barry Michrina Memorial Lecture Series at Colorado Mesa University will feature anthropologist Curtis Martin who will discuss his recent book, Ephemeral Bounty: Wickiups, Trade Goods, and the Final Years of the Autonomous Ute. The presentation on Thursday, Nov. 10, at 7 pm in room 141 of Wubben Hall is open to all and will be followed by a reception and book-signing.

Martin teaches Field Methods in Archaeology at CMU and specializes in Ute wickiups and associated European trade goods. He has spent the past 13 years as the principal investigator for the Colorado Wickiup Project under the auspices of the Dominguez Archaeological Research Group Inc. of Grand Junction. Wickiups were human shelters made from juniper, pinyon, aspen or other tree branches, which were covered with leaves, branches, dirt and sometimes hides. They could be free-standing or constructed to lean against live trees, rocks or rock walls.

The Barry Michrina Memorial Lecture Series and the Barry Michrina Scholarship were established to honor Michrina’s commitment to Native American cultures. Michrina touched the lives of thousands of students as well as his colleagues during his tenure as a professor at Colorado Mesa University.  Over the course of a twenty-plus year career, he taught classes on Native Americans, world cultures, religion and culture, and ethnographic methods. 

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