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CMU launches ePortfolio pilot to further students’ success

Student-centered learning is a pillar of Colorado Mesa University and, as the professional world becomes increasingly digital, the university realized that for the betterment of students and faculty, it needed to adopt new digital strategies to help students succeed. The CMU ePortfolio pilot which includes a four-year phased implementation plan launched fall 2016.

An ePortfolio is an electronic portfolio students use to exhibit their learning, experiences and work to others - especially potential employers. The individualized ePortfolio may feature a combination of goals and career objectives, collection of essays, photographs, videos, a capstone, social media links or a resume.

“When you can showcase rather than tell your achievements and experiences, you differentiate yourself from the crowd,” said ePortfolio and Assessment Project Manager Tracy DeBellevue.

This new pilot is more than a personal website for students. It is also a tool for the classroom with features for faculty. Currently, 35 CMU classrooms are integrated with ePortfolio, where students can turn in work directly to their professors online.  Among other benefits included are six ePortfolio segments: assessment, advising, career, graduate programs, professional licensing and project management support.

Each one of these plays a specific role in deepening student learning and success. For example, the advising ePortfolio is used to track student growth and development to then assist in the advising process during the student’s time at the university. CMU’s advising ePortfolio currently includes eight faculty members, integration with 17 courses and is helping more than 300 students. The six segments will further integrate into classrooms during the next few years.

“We are implementing over four years to make sure that we understand the best way to use it and to adequately support students and faculty,” said DeBellevue.

A CMU ePortfolio working group including administration, faculty and IT was established in spring 2015 by Provost Carol Futhey, PhD. Their research found a connection to learning through reflection and the chosen ePortfolio assists in reflection and growth intellectually, professionally and personally.  

Students may currently access ePortfolio through MAVzone. There are tutorials and examples to help students get started and, beginning spring 2017, there will be ePortfolio open labs to educate and assist students with this new digital technology.

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