The treatment, care and side effects of concussions are garnering a great deal of attention in the media, in scientific research circles and at Colorado Mesa University. Kinesiology faculty Jeremy R. Hawkins , PhD, and Kristin Heumann , PhD, along with student Kayla E. Gonzalez have reviewed research on the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in treating an individual who has received a concussion. The results of their research have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. Though the research is contradictory, it suggests that further research is appropriate.

Heumann and Hawkins also joined forces with kinesiology Professor Steve Murray, PhD, Former CMU faculty member Robert Pettitt and recent CMU graduate Jacob Cimolino to look at the effect of walking on ultrasound measurements. Their submission, "The Acute Effect of Walking on Ultrasound Measurements from the Achilles InSight Ultrasonometer in College-aged Individuals," has been published to International Journal of Exercise Science:

Steve Murray and Melonie Buchanan Murray , PhD, recently received word that they have been awarded the Outstanding Research Oral Presentation Award from the Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness for their presentation entitled “The Physical Practice of Dance and Sport as Cultural Expression”.

History-Political Science Instructor Tim Winegard  recently published a new book, The First World Oil War, in which he argues that beginning with World War I, oil became the preeminent commodity to safeguard national security and promote domestic prosperity. For the first time in history, territory was specifically conquered to possess oil fields and resources; vital cogs in the continuation of the industrialized warfare of the twentieth century.

Congratulations to Spanish Professor Mayela Vallejos-Ramirez , PhD, CMU who will teach a class at the University of Puget Sound on Central American Women Writers and will present to a broader campus community in the afternoon on her new book, Onomástica e intertextualidad en el relato corto latinoamericano, an edited volume of essays exploring the meaning and importance of names and naming in literature.

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