Three dancers perform Forword/Afterwofd an improvisational score
Meredith Lyons, Rachel Boggia and Annie Kloppenberg perform their improvisational score Forword/Afterword


New faculty member to perform improvisational score in Washington DC

New faculty member and tenure track dance professor, Meredith Lyons, will travel to Washington DC October 7-9 to present an improvisational score that she developed with two other choreographers at the National Dance Educators Organization conference. The score, titled Forword/Afterword, is a collaboration between Lyons and Rachel Boggia of Bates College and Annie Kloppenberg of Colby College.

In post-modern dance, a “score” refers to a set of instructions or a framework that allows for exploration of movement and composition. The score both restricts and shapes a dancer’s improvisational movement. In this particular score, the choreographers have developed the piece in two phases. In phase one, the dancers create a phrase of movement in front of an audience by simultaneously moving and decoding each other’s movements also known as silent consensus. In phase two, a dance composition is created by mining the material from phase one, and the composition is then performed for an audience. Lyons and her co-creators call this “high stakes choreography.”

As professors of dance, the three choreographers use the structure they have developed as research into the nature of knowledge construction in and through dance. They not only present this score themselves in performance but also teach it in workshops around the country.

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Originally from the northeast, Lyons has performed and toured throughout the country with numerous ballet and contemporary choreographers. As an artist she has presented work nationally and internationally, most recently at The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA; Colby College Museum of Art; and Ten Tiny Dances in Boston, MA. The improvisational score Forword/Afterword has been taught and presented at the Congress of Research and Dance/Society of Dance History Scholars conference in Athens, Greece and ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival in Vienna, Austria and in Istanbul, Turkey. Most recently as faculty at Bates and Colby Colleges she served as the Bates Dance Festival admissions director/operations manager.

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