CMU Faculty and Staff books on display at the Author Showcase
Health Sciences were just one of fifteen disciplines represented at the CMU inaugural Author Showcase held at Tomlinson Library.


Inaugural Author Showcase features 35 Colorado Mesa faculty and staff

Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves, Rogue Justice, Oil War and Onomástica e Intertextualidad were just a few of the book titles on display at the Colorado Mesa Author Showcase hosted at Tomlinson Library on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

“Working with faculty, librarians became aware that some faculty had books coming out,” said Tomlinson Library Director Sylvia Rael. “We admired their accomplishment and wanted to find a way for the library to celebrate it.”

Rael reached out to Vice President for Academic Affairs Cynthia Pemberton, EdD, and in no time the duo had the initial plans for the first Author Showcase.

“I’ve been part of similar events at other institutions and found it to be a way to reinforce and celebrate scholarly activity and accomplishment among a campus community,” Pemberton said.

An open call was sent out two weeks ago to CMU faculty and staff encouraging authors to submit their written or co-authored books, chapters, textbooks or lab manuals. The responses started flowing in to the library including fictitious thrillers, historical novels and classroom textbooks.

“I am so appreciative of the inaugural author showcase because I had no idea there were 34 other faculty on the CMU campus actively engaged in writing books,” said Professor of Business, International Student Exchange Program Coordinator and featured author, Timothy Hatten, PhD. “I love that we are having events like this one because we have people all across this campus producing some absolutely amazing accomplishments.”

At the showcase, 35 authors’ books and publications were present representing 15 different disciplines including biology, business, chemistry, English, forensic anthropology, geography, geology, health science, history, kinesiology, the library, mass communication, math and statistics, Spanish and teacher education.

The event did not feature a formal format but rather centered around invited guests interacting directly with the authors also known as a walkabout discussion- a term coined by Pemberton. Attendees had the option to browse the presented books in their entirety spending a few minutes with each author or could split their time between a handful of authors entering into in-depth conversations.

“I hope attendees explored the talent and expertise of CMU faculty and staff, saw the rich variety of knowledge represented in these publications and remember anew that the library is the place to find interesting books on a variety of subjects,” said Rael.

There are plans to make this an annual event and possibly a bi-annual event focusing on different publication styles and more recently published faculty works.

“Good teaching relies on and is derived from scholarly engagement and productivity,” Pemberton said. “CMU is a highly engaged and productive scholarly community and we have and will continue to shine a spotlight on these events and accomplishments.”

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