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The new You@CMU portal from student services is designed to help students with academic and career success, mental and physical well-being and connecting to campus resources.


Colorado Mesa launches a new online well-being hub

Do you know yourself? Your strengths and weaknesses? What makes you a good student? What you can work on as an individual? The new You@CMU website can help students, faculty and staff alike explore those questions.

You@CMU is a gateway to resources for academic and professional success. This new web portal is designed to help each student at Colorado Mesa University with his or her specific needs. Faculty and staff may also create an account to engage with the resources that You@CMU offers.

“I’m most excited that this confidential portal to critical resources is available whenever students want to use it and in an online format that’s relevant to them,” Vice President for Student Services John Marshall said. “So you no longer have to walk into a physical office between 8am-5pm to manage your wellness and get connected. Now, it’s available on the student’s terms.”

The portal contains three primary and interactive components: Succeed (tips and tools for academic and career success); Thrive (resources for physical and mental well being); and Matter (ways to connect and engage with the campus community). These sections include life lessons, tools, facts/tips, resources and more to help you with all types of situations and scenarios you may face; whether that is a problem with roommates, issues staying on a healthy eating track or needing a resource for good study tips. Maybe you want to join a campus club to be more involved but don’t know how to go about it. You may visit the Matter section of You@CMU for guidance.

“The You@CMU is a great opportunity for students to link to resources, create relevance and build connections that make a difference,” said Bob Lang, Colorado Mesa’s director of diversity, advocacy and health.

To learn more, visit and create an account using your CMU email address.

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