Anna Nichols
“What I really love about working here is that I have the unique opportunity to work with all the departments and the students,” she said.


Staff Profile: Anna Nichols

Anna Nichols is good at managing money and is passionate about helping others. She feels fortunate to be combining these interests as deputy controller of accounts receivable in the Office of Student Accounts at Colorado Mesa University.

“I get to impact students and departments, and I work with some great people that make it all worthwhile,” Nichols said.

Nichols earned her Master of Business Administration from CMU, as well as her undergraduate degree in accounting and finance. After earning her undergraduate degree, Nichols found what she thought was a perfect job for her at Edward Jones Investments.

“I realized I was not made to be a salesperson. I wanted to help people versus trying to sell them something,” she said.

When she decided to pursue her MBA, she was hired as the bursar in the CMU’s business office. In her current position, Nichols oversees student activity and ensures that money is handled appropriately within the academic departments.

“What I really love about working here is that I have the unique opportunity to work with all the departments and the students,” she said. “We’re not just accountants in the background. We like to get involved and work with people directly.”

Nichols prides herself in making proactive and positive changes in her department in an effort to get more involved with students and take on a bigger role in their college experience. Her overall goal is to transform her office into more than just a money center. Changing the name of the business office to the Office of Student Accounts was one effort she spearheaded to make its services more inviting to students. She also hopes to implement a financial education center to teach students how to better manage their finances during and after college.

She’s been assisted in this effort by supportive co-workers. “I have an amazing staff!” Nichols said. “They work hard and they strive to make things better. I am really lucky that I have a great team and a great boss who encourages and works with me. They want to see change and they want to find ways to help students.”

Although keeping up with CMU’s growing student population is challenging, Nichols encourages her staff to get creative with more ways to help students succeed. She believes that paying your bill doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience.

“Nobody calls to say thank you for giving them a bill but I like it when they say thank you for helping them take care of it,” she said.

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