The Line adapted by Chance Morgan
Adapted by Chance Morgan. From the award-winning video game.


Mesa Experimental Theatre season opens with “The Line”

Colorado Mesa University design/theatre technology and acting/directing major Chance Morgan wrote the play he debuts later this month. The Line, which Morgan will also direct, opens up the Mesa Experimental Theatre’s 2015-16 season. It runs in the MET on Oct. 22–24.

The Line’s script was adapted from the video game Spec Ops: The Line. In the play, a squad of U.S. soldiers led by Captain Martin Walker is sent to investigate after a sandstorm devastates the city of Dubai. The soldiers find the city in ruins and the survivors in splintered factions. As they venture deeper into Dubai, the choices they must make force them to look at the darker side of humanity and themselves. The show is rated R for violence, language and dark and disturbing content.

Tickets for The Line are available at the box office. Purchase them online or by calling 970.248.1604.

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