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Bob Lang is LPC-, LAC-, MAC- and SAP-certified, and all those letters boil down to one thing.


All about Bob: Meet CMU’s new director of diversity, advocacy and health

Bob Lang is LPC-, LAC-, MAC- and SAP-certified, and all those letters boil down to one thing.

“In a nutshell, it means that I’m licensed both at the state and national level as a mental health and substance abuse professional,” Lang explained.

As of mid-September, Lang is Colorado Mesa University’s new director of diversity, advocacy and health, which gives him the opportunity to deal with issues related to all three of those fields.

“That’s what great about the position,” he said. “It’s coordinating the diversity aspects on campus, the student groups, and integrating those student groups with the community resources that are available.”

In his advocacy role, Lang helps and supports students by leading the mentoring and tutoring programs, as well as helping students obtain financial aid assistance and guiding them through the admissions and registration process. “It really is kind of a layer of support for the students,” he said.

Lang is most excited about the opportunity to lead health initiatives on campus.

“That’s probably the piece I’m more biased towards than anything else because it is a need that we have on campus,” Lang said. [We’re] looking at how to develop more mental health and substance abuse services for students and having a health center that provides a full range of health services — from a sore throat to treating somebody who has bipolar disorder.”

Lang spent 33 years in the field as a licensed professional addictions counselor after receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University and his master’s degree in counseling from Northern Arizona University.

Lang loves havingthe tools to make a difference — something he said has driven his life choices.

“I think that really drives that process for me,” he said. “Because I’ve had such a diverse professional experience, I have a unique set of skills that gives me the opportunity to integrate those systems of care for students so that they can be successful and achieve their academic goals.”

Before accepting the job, Lang spent time at CMU developing the addictions minor program. He continues to teach Special Populations and Addictions, Addiction Counseling Approaches, Pharmacology and Addictions (an online class) and an internship course.

Lang is married with five children and commutes to the Grand Valley from his home in Delta.

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