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Assistant Professor of English Jennifer Hancock’s first book, Between Hurricanes, is in production with Lithic Press. It is a collection of poetry.

Hancock attended the Bread Loaf Writers Conference this month in Sicily, where she studied with the poet David Rivard, head of the creative writing program at the University of New Hampshire.


Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Carmine Grieco will present at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Annual Personal Trainers Conference in Anaheim, Calif., in October about heart rate variability.


English Instructor John Nizalowski has recently published two creative nonfiction pieces in online literary journals. “To a Destination Unknown” appeared in the June 2015 issue of Under the Sun and “On the Air” was featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Dark Matter: A Journal of Speculative Writing.

Nizalowski was invited to speak at the memorial service for Barbara Waters, widow of the Southwestern American novelist and essayist Frank Waters, author of The Man Who Killed the Deer. The memorial was held in June at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, N.M.

He also read at the book launch party in August for Going Down Grand, a collection of poetry about the Grand Canyon published by Lithic Press.


Assistant Professor of Nursing Terry Chase was published in an international textbook for the International Spinal Cord Society. Her work is entitled, “Peer Counseling: A Holistic Approach.”


Allen Beck, a retired physician and instructor in the Montrose campus’ medical assistant program, has a collection of short stories on Kindle as an electronic publication entitled “To Fly, Perchance to Dream”.


Bryan Reed, culinary arts and agriculture sciences instructor and facility advisor to the CMU-WCCC Composting Facility, attended the 16th Annual Vermicompost Conference at North Carolina State University in August.

Participants from six countries and 26 states discussed the current techniques for producing and harvesting top quality worm compost, the effects of vermicompost tea on crop production as a natural fertilizer and its ability to ward off damaging insects. Discussion also included the bioremediation uses of vermicompost and, specifically, the power of composting worms in areas contaminated with heavy metals as well as the ability of composting worms to fight diseases in the soil and heal human health disorders.

The CMU-WCCC Composting Facility was very well received at the conference as no one is currently aware of a university that composts food waste from all facets of the university and has a food growing component to supply a café and culinary arts program, all of which demonstrates sustainability on-site in one location, Reed said.


This summer, Assistant Professor of History Adam Rosenbaum expanded and translated a recent conference presentation for inclusion in a forthcoming German-language volume tentatively entitled Journeys into the Past: History as Tourist Attraction in the 19th and 20th Centuries. More recently, he published a review essay about tourism in the Soviet Union and communist eastern Europe in the Journal of Tourism History. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, Bavarian Tourism and the Modern World, 1800-1950, which will be published by Cambridge University Press in early 2016.


Original research by Assistant Professor Bridget Marshall in the nurse practitioner doctoral program was accepted for e-publication in May for the Journal of Pediatric Health Care, a peer reviewed journal associated with the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NANAP). She collaborated with pediatric nurse practitioners in the Child Maltreatment & Neglect workgroup of NANAP to develop and test a pediatric nurse practitioner designed educational intervention tool to evaluate the attitudes of nursing and allied health professionals nationally toward corporal punishment. The results of this study will be presented by Marshall at the national conference of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners in March 2016.


Professor of Kinesiology Steven Ross Murray recently finished 29th overall in the IRONMAN Lake Tahoe, Calif., triathlon. He qualified for the 2016 IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, to be held on Oct. 8, 2016. The race is featured on television every year.

Murray also completed IRONMAN Boulder, Colo., on Aug. 2, and finished 32nd overall in that race, out of 2,769 athletes. As of Sept. 23, he is ranked 16th in the world for males in the 45-49 age group.

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