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Music Professor Arthur Houle stayed busy this summer completing his spring 2015 sabbatical project, digitizing hundreds of recordings of performances and master classes by the renowned Leonard Shure, his former teacher. He performed on May 29 and 30 as piano soloist and accompanist for cellist Hai Zheng in two concerts at the Georgetown Festival of the Arts, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, and was also Artistic Director for the 12th annual Festival for Creative Pianists, which was held for the first time in Denver.


(May 21-23)


Associate professor of physics Chad Middleton published a paper entitled “The 2D surfaces that generate Newtonian and general relativistic orbits with small eccentricities” in the July edition of the American Journal of Physics (Am. J. Phys., Vol. 83, No. 7, July 2015).

A few images he discovered that were featured are included here. The first image shows all three surfaces that give rise to the stationary elliptical orbits of Newtonian gravitation.  The second image corresponds to one of the three surfaces; this surface generates orbits that approximately obey Kepler’s three laws of motion.  The third image is 10 stacked surfaces, each generates the precessing elliptical-like orbits of general relativity.






Assistant Professor of Physics Jared Workman recently returned from the General Assembly of the IAU (International Astronomical Union) in Hawaii.  He and CMU student Brandon Gracey presented two posters: “Mass Capture efficiency during encounters between Sgr A* and Giant Molecular Clouds” and “The IMF in galaxy clusters: What is needed to account for high metal production”. This is the biggest conference in Workman’s field and meets only once every three years.


Stone, Kyle web use 13512

Assistant Professor of Management Kyle Stone published a manuscript, “Burke-Litwin Organizational Assessment Survey: Reliability and Validity,” this summer in the Organizational Development Journal. Stone wrote, “Chaotic, uncertain, frustrated and stressed are examples many leaders use to describe the current-state of their ‘organizational health.’ Change agents are typically the first responders attempting to triage the ‘health’ issues and often rely on organizational assessments as the diagnostic tool.”

The article presented reliability and validity findings from the Burke-Litwin Organizational Assessment Survey. The findings indicate strong content validity with growing support for the instruments structure through factorial analysis and good internal consistency reliability of all twelve factors, with the exception of external environment.


On Oct. 16, three members of the Colorado Mesa University kinesiology department will receive awards at the Society of Health and Physical Educators of Colorado (SHAPE Colorado) convention in Westminster, Colo. The categories are competitive across the state. Department head Jill Cordova, PhD, won the society’s Distinguished Service award for significant contributions to the field. Assistant professor of kinesiology Elizabeth Sharp, PhD, won the University Teacher of the Year award, which recognizes her continuous dedication to the advocacy and enhancement of student learning in physical education. Sandy Theis, an alumna of CMU’s kinesiology program, won the Elementary Teacher of the Year award.



Laureen Cantwell, a reference and distance services librarian, has edited two anthologies that will both be released this fall. In the Beginning is a charity anthology collection from Month9Books featuring dark retellings of biblical stories for young adult readers. It is slated for release as an ebook in October. Proceeds from the first 500 units benefit WriteGirl, a community of women writers who promote creativity and self-expression to empower girls. The collection also contains Cantwell’s first published short story, written under a pseudonym.

Cantwell’s second anthology, Memphis Noir, is due out from Akashic Books on Nov. 3. The print version is now available for pre-order through online booksellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The collection will also be released as an Audible audiobook. Akashic describes it as “[a] rich volume of Southern urban noir exploring sides of Memphis that only the locals know, but often don’t reveal.” Memphis Noir is the latest in a sizable collection of noir anthologies from the publisher.

In the short term, Cantwell has a scholarly article due out in the journal Collaborative Librarianship on librarians involved with institutional review boards.

This June, Cantwell and Tomlinson Library Director Sylvia Rael presented a poster at the American Library Association Annual Conference in San Francisco, Calif. Their poster, titled “The Brave and The Bold: Students and Reference Librarians Unite to Assess Associations Between Student Success and Ask-a-Librarian Services,” is the result of research conducted through the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) program Assessment-in-Action (AiA). At the conference, Cantwell and Rael presented their project, which sought to investigate associations between student success and professional librarian assistance, and its findings to an international pool of attendees.

CMU was the only team from Colorado in the 2014-2015 cohort of the program, and one of only three Colorado-based post-secondary schools accepted to AiA across its three grant-funded years. CMU’s librarians will continue the data-gathering, analysis and assessment efforts ignited by their AiA participation. Cantwell and Rael said they are deeply grateful for the support provided by their library colleagues; Carol Futhey, PhD; CMU President Tim Foster; the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment; and all the CMU students, faculty and staff who make the library a vital and supportive component of the campus community.

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