Cmu artwork
Scorpion outside of Dominguez Hall


CMU’s disappearing art

There’s a scorpion outside of Dominguez Hall and a mysterious man sitting on some rocks outside the Fine Arts Building. They’re not dangerous, though. They’re examples of ephemeral art, created by Colorado Mesa University art students.

Each papier-mâché statue is filled with peat. A layer of seeds is stuck onto the papier-mâché, then another layer of paper is applied over that. As the summer goes on and the seeds sprout, the statues will bloom and then dissolve, eventually disappearing altogether.

Ephemeral art combines nature with creativity. A relatively new expression, it typically emphasizes a consciousness of the environment. Famous examples of ephemeral art include Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, a sculpture on the shore of Great Salt Lake, and the work of Christo

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