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Faculty and staff accomplishments


Faculty and staff accomplishments

Kinesiology professor Steve Murray and history professor Doug O’Roark jointly researched and authored several published papers regarding the ancient Greek javelin and spear throws. They studied the use of a throwing loop, called an amentum in Latin or an ankyle in Greek, and the way it affected the throwing of a javelin or spear by the ancient Greeks.

In order to do the research, Murray and O’Roark had to reconstruct the javelin and spear from the iconography and archaeological record. Their work was published in the journals Nikephoros and Palamedes: A Journal of Ancient History.


English professor Maureen Neal’s essay entitled “Passing through Gateways” appeared in the March 16 edition of High Country News under the headline, “A giant resort overshadows a tiny Colorado town.”

The article presented a teacher’s perspective of big changes to a small town based upon Neal’s experiences as one of four teachers in Gateway’s K-12 school in the mid-1980s.


Kristyn Rose, instructional designer in the Office of Distance Education is currently serving as the president of the Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning (ADEIL).

Rose began her term at the ADEIL national conference last October in Charleston, S.C. She has been active in the ADEIL organization since 2003 and has served on its board of directors since 2007. ADEIL is a national organization for professionals who are involved in distance and online learning roles in K-12 and higher education.


CMU’s Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of Distance Learning Gillian McKnight-Tutein is a member of the Board of Directors for the United Way of Mesa County. She joined the board in January.

United Way is a non-profit organization that raises money to address community needs and concerns. It raised more than $880,000 in its most recent campaign.


Danny Sandoval, director of diversity, advocacy and health, was the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Community Collaboration award presented by the Mesa County Domestic Violence Task Force.

Sandoval has been working with the task force for two years. The award was, in large part, recognition of Sandoval’s efforts in organizing the domestic violence prevention training and particularly for his efforts in bringing in this month’s “Stories of Survival” exhibit to the training.


Associate professor of physics Chad Middleton is soon to be published in the American Journal of Physics. The title of his paper is “The 2D surfaces that generate Newtonian and general relativistic orbits with small eccentricities.”


English Instructor Colin Carmen has published a bevy of essays and made several presentations during the last year. They are:

“Godwin’s Fleetwood, Shame, and the Sexuality of Feeling” in Nineteenth-Century Prose (Spring-Fall 2014): 225-276. Top-tier, international journal. He was awarded the C.A.I.T.Y. Caucus Paper Prize by the Northeast Modern Language Association for an earlier draft of this essay.
“Up from Mormonism” in The Gay and Lesbian Review (The G&LR), Worldwide (Nov-Dec 2014). A literary gay and lesbian magazine with a print-run of 12,000 copies.
The elegy “Lou Reed (1942-2013): Under Ground” (July-August 2014) in The G&LR).
Three Music/Book Briefs: Morrissey, Hannah & Maggie, Joseph Eid in The G&LR (September-October 2014).
“The World According to Grindr” (review of HBO’s series “Looking”) in The G&LR (May-June 2014).
Album review and cover story “Elton [John] Discovers Mortality” in The G&LR (March-April 2014).
Presented “Oozy Architectures in Valperga and Maurice” at Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Boise, Idaho (October 2014).
Presented “Byron’s Flower Power: Eco-Effeminacy in Sardanapalus” at the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) Annual Convention, Washington, DC (August 2014). Top-tier academic association of Romanticists.

Randy Phillis, PhD, recently published a book of poetry entitled Plots We Can’t Keep Up With through Encircle Publications.

Carol Christ, author of Divides and Crossings, said Phillis’s book “explores the relationship of man and memory. While the view back may be long, the speaker’s recollections are anything but blurred. These poems dance on the bridge between what was and what is … they connect the pleasures and losses of the past to the joys and uncertainties of now”.


English professor Barry Laga was selected by the Fulbright Commission to teach at the University of Leipzig for AY2013-14. He said one of the many highlights of his sabbatical was what has been called “collateral learning” — the things he learned when he wasn’t trying to learn.


English instructor John Nizalowski has published a poem, “Bridges and Borderlands”, in Dark Matter: a Journal of Speculative Writing, and two poems — “Before Dawn in Nebraska” and “A Single Step” in Westview: a Journal of Western Oklahoma in the past month.

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