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Send a cow to college!


Send a cow to college (and a student, too)

Why send a cow to college? It may sound udderly ridiculous but what better way for them to moove ahead and become out-standing in their fields?

Well, that’s not really what happens.

Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College are asking cattle producers to donate a cow that will be sold at auction, with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund for students in the WCCC agriculture program.

The first cow has already been donated by Howard and Janie VanWinkle. Janie chairs the WCCC Agriculture Program Advisory Committee.

Jamie and Howard Von Winkle.

Janie and Howard VanWinkle at the auction.

“This is an opportunity to contribute to our community in a way that is very important to us,” Janie said. “As farmers and ranchers who work hard to provide safe and nutritious food for an ever increasing population, it is critical that students have access to the latest technology and information available in agriculture. This is a way that ag producers can ensure that our industry remains a viable segment of the economy in western Colorado and eastern Utah.”

The Van Winkle heifer was sold for $1,867.

The VanWinkle heifer was sold for $1,867. The event raised $2,000 on top of this.

The VanWinkle cow, a white heifer, was sold at the Western Slope Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction in Loma, Colo. on Feb. 18. for $1,867. Bill Martin, owner/manager of the auction, agreed to help facilitate the sale of the VanWinkle cow as part of a weekly livestock auction. His business donated its normal sales commission, as well as $250. On top of this, six individuals donated $250 each. The total amount raised was $3,867.

The “Send a Cow to College” concept was created by the advisory committee and the Colorado Mesa University Foundation. When modifying the make-up of their herds by selling some of the older “cull” cows, producers are encouraged to donate one or more of their cows to the scholarship fund.

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