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Out of this world: Wubben’s new artwork

Feb10Colorado Mesa University science students may find inspiration for extraterrestrial travel right outside their classroom doors. Wubben Science Building is now home to a collection of abstract paintings by acclaimed artist and alumnus Jac Kephart, depicting his conception of the colonization of Mars.

“Jac is a great supporter of Colorado Mesa. He has donated his works in support of the university,” said Dana Nunn, Director of Media Relations. “He and former trustee Lena Elliott determined where they would be hung.” Wubben was partly chosen because the pieces incorporate old computer components, Nunn said.

Inspired by astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s book “Mission to Mars”, the paintings portray the exploration, development of resources and settlement of the fourth rock from the sun.

The pieces are titled “Melting Ice on Mars”, “Colonization of the New World”, “Colony on Phobos” (one of Mars’ moons), “Vegas Mars” (depicting Martian recreation and tourism) and “Algae Farm on Mars”.

Kephart began his career as a landscape artist, garnering acclaim for his work. As his career evolved, he moved into abstract work. Campus art aficionados will recognize his style — another Kephart collection hangs outside the University Center ballroom, donated after the University Center’s opening in 2010.

“It was very exciting when Jac first approached the university” Nunn said. “As I recall, he had been touring. He came over to see the University Center and was struck by all the open space. The building had just opened. I think we were all still afraid to put nail holes in the walls, but that prompted Jac to make his initial donation of work to the university.”

The new collection hangs in a hallway on the west side of Wubben. “[It] is a very high traffic hallway for that building,” Nunn said. “The hope was that that would increase the number of students who have the opportunity to enjoy this artwork.” •

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