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Mentoring program offers scholastic support

Feb9Over the past year, the majority of my articles have focused on issues of diversity and cultural awareness. My role as Colorado Mesa University’s Director of Diversity, Advocacy and Health encompasses more than that, however. I tackle a wide variety of different responsibilities, including overseeing the CMU Mentoring Program.

The concept of student mentors was developed by Tim Foster shortly after his appointment as president. Foster saw the need for additional support on campus for first-generation scholars — students whose parents did not obtain college degrees. This vision has since evolved into a comprehensive mentoring program providing students from a variety of backgrounds with encouragement and support during their time at CMU.

In the program, professional mentors engage and assist students in everything from registration, to navigating faculty/student relationships, to transitioning to college life. Mentors support students as they work towards their goals. They are dedicated to connecting students with the institution and creating a sense of community. The mentors’ mission is to help students work through the challenges that they will face in their college career, both in and out of the classroom.

One exciting component of the program is the recent push to mentor students who are part of a scholarship program. Gates Millennium, Guardian and General Educational Development (GED) scholars, as well as students who have been awarded scholarships through the Daniels Fund, the Denver Scholarship Foundation and the RiSE Foundation now receive mentor support.

Beginning in fall 2014, we will also begin mentoring students who are part of the Reisher Scholarship Foundation. The Reisher Scholarship is dedicated to students who were not awarded financial aid upon entering college and have proven to be successful during their freshman year. The scholarship is also available to students transferring from a community college, including Western Colorado Community College. Students may apply for the scholarship by contacting the mentoring office at 970.248.1765.

The CMU Mentoring Program is a great place to get support and access resources that promote academic success. If you would like more information about the mentoring program, please contact me at, extension 1765, or stop by Albers Hall. •

By Danny Sandoval

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