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Season tickets are now available for the 2013-14 Theatre Arts season. This year, there is a show for every generation.


Theatre Arts season tickets available

Season tickets are now available for the 2013-14 Theatre Arts season. This year, there is a show for every generation.

This season, a beloved Saturday morning cartoon series comes to life onstage in Schoolhouse Rock Live! With clever, tuneful songs that teach history, grammar, math, science and politics, this family-friendly musical will be a delight for nostalgic Generation-Xers and their parents, as well as children new to the series. Featuring such popular tunes as “Just a Bill,” “Conjunction Junction” and “Three Is a Magic Number,” Schoolhouse Rock Live! is simply good, clean, educational fun.

Next up will be Noël Coward’s comic play, Hay Fever. Written in 1924, it may be best described as a cross between high farce and a comedy of manners. A kind of Jazz Age soap opera featuring flamboyance, extremes and sharp wit, it provides a glimpse into the rapidly changing climate of the 1920s and ‘30s. In Hay Fever, we visit the English countryside and meet the bohemian Bliss family, with their outlandish amorous adventures. When they each invite a guest to stay for the weekend, hilarity ensues as they continually demonstrate their eccentric behavior until driving their guests to sneak away.

Fans of the movie will love Legally Blonde, the Musical. A singing, dancing and snapping romantic comedy all about self-discovery, this ridiculously enjoyable musical is based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the 2001 blockbuster movie starring Reece Witherspoon. California sorority girl Elle Woods determinedly follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard University in a blaze of pink to win him back with her charms. Along the way she discovers her own intelligence and talents with the help of the apparitions of her Delta Nu sisters, who act as a Greek chorus, her new friends, and of course, her chihuahua Bruiser. Funny and fabulous—case closed.

The season will end with the beautifully written Eurydice. The most famous unheeded advice in history–‘Don’t look back’–has sparked the imaginations of countless artists over the centuries, from poets to choreographers to cinematographers. Pulitzer Prize nominee Sarah Ruhl’s contemporary look at the myth of Orpheus re-tells the story from the perspective of his wife Eurydice. Her descent into Hades teaches her about love and loss, and causes her to wrestle with the decision to return to earth with her husband or to stay in Hades with her father. Written by Ruhl after the death of her own father, Eurydice’s poetic style is visually magical and emotionally alluring, providing a fresh look at a timeless story.

Specific dates and information along with tickets are available at or by calling the box office from 10am-2pm at 970.248.1604, Tuesday–Friday, beginning September 3. •

By Laura Bradley

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