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Faculty bios to be updated, redesigned

A s CMU expands in its role as the intellectual center of western Colorado, it’s more important than ever to showcase the expertise and dedication to education exhibited by the faculty. With that in mind, this summer the Marketing Office will begin redesigning and expanding upon the faculty biographies on CMU’s website.

“Faculty are our most important asset as an institution,” said Marketing Director Mike Mansheim. “They’re the folks who interface on a daily basis with our students. In some cases, the faculty experience may be a deciding factor for a student or their parents.”

The university’s website will undergo a redesign to optimize its compatibility with different devices, including smartphones and tablets, making this an ideal time to supplement and update the faculty bios. The new versions of the profiles will be posted during the upcoming academic year.

The process will be streamlined through the use of an online form enabling faculty members to submit information about their educational and professional backgrounds. “The goal here is to have a more standardized way of delivering or presenting the faculty profile. If you look at the website presently, department by department and program by program, it’s very different,” Mansheim said.

Each bio will include contact information, a photo and an overview of each faculty’s particular expertise. It will also feature links to personal sites and social media feeds if applicable. If a faculty member has a picture they would prefer to use on the site, they may provide it to the Marketing Office. The office will also schedule time to have a portrait taken in the near future.

The online form also asks if faculty members are willing to become members of the university’s speakers bureau. “We regularly get requests from the media asking if there’s a faculty member who can speak toward a particular subject,” Mansheim said. “This would update that information and streamline the process for us to find resident experts who are willing to share that knowledge with the broader public.”

“We pride ourselves on a personal learning environment, and this is one way to ensure we keep that as we continue to grow,” he said. •

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