Scholarship season powered by new software

As scholarship season gears up, the Colorado Mesa University Foundation has launched AcademicWorks, a scholarship-matching software that streamlines the application process for both students and award committees, and ensures the allocation of all awards. Launched in January, the software will render redundant paper applications obsolete.

Students may log in to AcademicWorks through MAVzone, the student portal, and fill out a simple online profile with critical information like their GPA, year in school, or major. The software matches their profile to scholarships with qualifications they meet and presents them to the student.

“Until now, a student had to research the website and the financial aid offerings to determine which scholarships were available for their major,” said Rick Taggart, Foundation CEO. “This is much more efficient because the software does the homework for them.”

“From an efficiency standpoint, it’s quicker for a student to fill out one online application. The number of qualifying

students can then move to scholarship committees faster, so they can make an awarding decision more quickly,” said Taggart. “Donors will like it because it’s visually more appealing and inclusive of the scholarship’s background and intention.”

Innovations like the adoption of AcademicWorks are in line with CMU’s larger commitment to keeping higher education affordable as state funding is reduced. The software will ensure deserving students receive as much financial aid as possible by making it easier to find matching awards.

“The worst thing in the world, to me, is to have a scholarship that a qualifying student doesn’t get because they missed it– they filled out four handwritten applications but missed the fifth,” said Taggart. “On behalf of our donors, we want to make sure these awards go to students every year.”

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