CMU’s Hamilton Recreation Center offers a multitude of services for the campus.


A guide to campus wellness resources

A holistic approach to individual wellness has been written about and employed by counselors and health professionals for decades. The wellness wheel – a model that illustrates multiple facets of wellness – was introduced in the late ’70s and has been adapted over time. Today, the model most often includes seven components.

Each issue of InsideCMU will explore an area of wellness and offer information and resources for the CMU campus community. Because wellness is often thought of as physical fitness, this inaugural column will address the vital role it plays in wellness.

CMU’s Hamilton Recreation Center offers a multitude of services for the campus. Full-time faculty and staff members can subscribe to the CMU Employee Wellness Benefits Program for $20 per month, which includes access to all of the recreational facilities. Non-benefits eligible faculty and staff are eligible for memberships to the recreation center for $30 per month.

Members seeking individualized attention are encouraged to take advantage of these additional benefits:

• A free fitness assessment, which includes an evaluation of strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

• A fitness assessment package ($25), which includes the fitness assessment as well as a consultation, program orientation and two half-hour follow-up sessions. Individual results will be explained and fitness goals will be discussed in order to create a tailored exercise plan. One session includes one-on-one guidance through a workout. The final session enables members to evaluate progress and make adjustments to their program.

• Training sessions, including one-on-one, tandem and team training – with expert guidance.

• A registered dietician is also now on staff in the Hamilton Recreation Center. Contact Jessica Steiler at the Recreation Center’s front desk at 970.248.1592.

For more information, contact Kylie Kegans CSCS, Manager of Wellness and Fitness in Campus Recreation Services. Kylie can be reached at 970.248.1234 or via email to

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